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Are Warzone & Black Ops Cold War Blueprints Pay To Win?

New testing shows that Warzone & Cold War Blueprints could be pay-to-win.

Blueprints are special versions of a gun that come with attachments already. They are available in the COD store or unlocked by completing in-game challenges.

Each Blueprint usually comes with a unique camo for the gun and can even totally change the gun’s appearance. Mastercraft Weapons finally came to Cold War and Warzone recently featuring a gun with a working missile.

Some Blueprints before had slight advantages over the base weapon due to the iron sights being different.

Blueprints like the Piercer or Bengal for the MP7 in Warzone have cleaner ironsights with a thinner post. This allows for better target acquisition and tracking.

While giving a slight advantage, better ironsights are not game-breaking. However, YouTuber JGOD may have found evidence that Blueprints can improve the performance of a gun too.

The Blueprint Problem

Youtuber JGOD did some testing with the Gallantry Blueprint for the overpowered MAC-10 SMG. This is a premium Blueprint and is unlocked at tier 95 of the Season 1 Battle Pass.

He compared that to the standard MAC-10 and found that the Gallantry was much better in a number of ways. In addition to having a regal looking camo, the Gallantry Blueprint has cleaner ironsights.

However, the real problem lies with how the Gallantry Blueprint affects the MAC-10s recoil and damage profile.

Cold War Blueprints Increasing Damage

When testing the recoil of the two guns side-by-side, JGOD found that the recoil patterns are totally different. The standard MAC-10’s recoil is an unpredictable ‘S’ shape, while the Gallantry skin has much more controllable recoil that goes up and to the right.

Gallantry Blueprint Warzone Black Ops Cold War

The MAC-10 Gallantry Blueprint also has increased damage. The standard MAC-10 was recently nerfed in a huge balancing patch, but the Gallantry Blueprint has not been.

Jumping into a game with bots, JGOD found that the Gallantry Blueprint still does 40 headshot damage. This is 10 more than the post-nerf MAC-10.

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If this Blueprint is undeniably better than the standard MAC-10, what other Blueprints in Warzone and Cold War are also better?

JGOD YouTube

These findings also suggest that there is a pay-to-win element in Warzone and Cold War. There’s nothing wrong with Blueprints having unique camos and allowing players to unlock weapons early, but selling Blueprints that give paying players an advantage is wrong.

Expect more Blueprint testing to see if this is a widespread issue or just affects this particular Blueprint.

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