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Warzone Claymore Gets Team Wipe Revenge for a Dead Player

This might be Warzone's best Claymore placement, as the lethal equipment manages to team wipe a squad for the ultimate revenge kills.

The Claymore has been a staple of the Call of Duty franchise since the original Modern Warfare. An item that is capable of blowing up unsuspecting players that get too close, the Claymore is the ultimate deterrent for those over-eager pursuers.

If you don't spot this lethal trap early, you'll only hear a short click before being blown to pieces. And, love it or hate it, that's what makes the Claymore so great.

warzone claymore plant
(Source: Activision)

Now, one player shows off their love for the Claymore after getting a team wipe with a single device, straight from the grave. No wonder the Claymore is an essential part of the best loadouts in Warzone Season 2.

Just be careful not to make the biggest Warzone loadout mistake in Season 2, when setting up your new class.

Warzone Player Gets a Team Kill With a Claymore From the Grave

This Warzone player was having just one of those games that never seems to go their way. That is, until they wiped an entire enemy team from the grave with nothing more than a Claymore.

With one teammate down in a game of Warzone duos, Reddit user ELL107T was spectating his partner and calling out incoming enemies. Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be any hiding from the aggressive players, who pushed the user in a vehicle for a quick kill.

There's almost no way to beat Warzone Season 2's best vehicles when they're barreling towards you like this. Especially when, like this player, you've only got a Pistol and a Riot Shield.

Warzone Duos
(Source: Activision)

We've seen Warzone's Riot Shields beat Juggernauts before, but rarely do they stop a moving car.

The Warzone player realizes there's no escape from the enemies, and plants a Claymore at their feet. Unfortunately, despite avoiding the car itself, the enemies leap out and make short work of their prey.

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Placing 22nd, the team laments that nobody went near their trap. But when driving away, the enemy team trips the Claymore for a devastating team wipe.

Just like that, ELL107T's squadmate gets revenge and a free team wipe, although the Claymore kills may not count towards his K/D ratio.

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