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Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 ‘Clash’ 50v50 Mode Explained

Warzone has a new game mode in Season 5 – here’s everything you need to know about the new 50v50 Clash mode!

Warzone & Black Ops Cold War Season 5 is finally almost here, and we’ve got an exciting new array of content on the way. Not only are we getting new weapons, Operators, and maps, there are some brand new ways to enjoy your favorite Call of Duty titles too.

One example is the new Double Agent party game in Black Ops Cold War, reminiscent of Trouble in Terrorist Town or Among Us.

And another game mode that’s sure to be turning heads is Warzone Season 5’s new Clash mode. This is the first time the game mode has ever appeared in Warzone, and it’s bringing 50v50 combat back to Verdansk.

Call of Duty Warzone Tempered Perk in Season 5
(Source: Activision)

Make sure to unlock Warzone’s new Season 5 weapons before hopping into the action:

The reason being, Clash makes grinding out weapon levels and camos a breeze, so it’s the perfect place to try out your new guns.

Check out everything new in Warzone & Black Ops Cold War Season 5 here!

Warzone 50v50 Clash Mode Explained

Dropping into Warzone’s new 50v50 Clash mode? Here’s what you need to know:

Describing Clash as a spiritual successor to Warzone Rumble, Activision is giving us a new way to enjoy Verdansk in Season 5. Players can drop into the battle royale map in Quads, with unlimited respawns all game long.

However, there’s no battle royale going on here. Instead, teams of 50 clash head-to-head in a deathmatch to 200 points. Drop in with your starting loadout and enjoy the ultimate TDM game mode!

However, while eliminating an enemy will grant teams one point toward victory, it’s not the only way to score.

Players can activate Contracts and public events across Verdansk to earn more score. And on top of that, classic Warzone features such as Pings, Buy Stations, vehicles, and Armor Plate drops will be present in the deathmatch.

Call of Duty Warzone Mid-Season Event in Season 5
(Source: Activision)

The new Warzone Season 5 Perks will also be present in-game, of course.

“All damage profiles for weapons directly reflect how they will operate in other Warzone modes, compared to just having Modern Warfare® Multiplayer’s damage statistics, making it easy to test out your new favorite Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare mashup loadouts in a respawn-enabled environment.”

We wonder if this more casual game mode will encourage fans to jump back into Warzone soon. After all, a lot of gamers have been quitting Warzone due to its cheater situation.

On top of that, even major streamers are leaving Warzone for Apex Legends and more! It’s nice to have some incredible new content arriving, but many fans won’t be able to enjoy it!

What’s more, you can drop into Clash with the new Season 5 Operators! Check out how to unlock each one below:

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Sosuke Aizen

Saturday 14th of August 2021

Hey, I have a question, right now in my PS4, I already have the season 5 updated, and when I checked the game modes, the clash mode is not there, is there a way to play it though, or will them makers of COD Warzone will add a new update for season 5 in a while.

(Note:- I don’t have Modern Warfare or Cold War, and I don’t use real money for COD points.)