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Warzone Players Want This Circle Change to Make it More like Fortnite

Does Warzone’s first circle need a change to make it more like Fortnite?

Most battle royale games have players drop in from the sky. Whether it’s a plane like Warzone or Fortnite’s Battle Bus, skydiving is definitely the most fashionable way to start a Battle Royale game.

Despite the similarities, Warzone deals with the initial drop differently to other major battle royale games like Fortnite. However, some vocal Warzone players actually prefer how Fortnite deals with parachuting in.

Warzone players want the circle to be changed to be more like Fortnite. Which battle royale game has the best way to drop in?

Warzone vs Fortnite – the First Circle

Fortnite doesn’t tell players where the first circle will be before they drop. Whereas, Warzone players know the exact circle location before they choose where to land.

This seems like a minor detail but Warzone’s visible circle completely changes how the game unfolds. Changing the initial drop could be beneficial for Warzone, but there are also a few reasons why it shouldn’t change.

Warzone players are also undecided about whether this streamer’s new “legit” unlimited stim glitch should be allowed or not.

Would a Hidden Circle Be Better in Warzone?

One major upside to Warzone’s circle location being hidden before players drop in is that players will be more likely to use the whole map.

As Warzone players know the location of the circle, this draws many players to drop in the same spot. Depending on the area of the map, this can make the start of games very frantic.

Therefore, if the circle is hidden then players will be less likely to be killed soon after reaching the ground. This proposed change to Warzone’s circle could, therefore, be better for players who want to avoid an early trip to the Gulag.

Warzone players have also been demanding for the old Gulag to return as the new one is totally unfair.

Warzone’s Initial Drop is Better than Fortnite

On the other hand, Warzone’s circle maybe doesn’t need a change. Revealing the circle before players jump out of the plane in Warzone gives them a better chance to plan their game.

Warzone has a bigger emphasis on positioning than Fortnite. In Fortnite, players can build cover for themselves, whereas Warzone players have to consider their surroundings at all times.

This means that the knowledge of the circle lets tactical Warzone players plan their route as soon as they drop.

CIassic_Ghost Reddit

Whether you think the circle in Warzone should be changed or not, there are a number of issues all Warzone players can agree on.

Cheating is a huge problem in Warzone at the moment and angry players are demanding for Activision to stop the increasing number of hackers. Even content creators have had enough. YouTuber Drift0r has said he and many other streamers could quit Warzone unless cheating is stopped.

Some Warzone players are still having lots of fun though. YouTuber JackFrags pretended to be a bot in Warzone to see if it puts you in an easy lobby. Meanwhile, this incredible clip shows an exploding Trophy System steal a player’s win.

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