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Warzone Cheaters Glitch into Walls on Rebirth Island

A new Rebirth Island wall glitch is ruining games of Warzone.

Warzone is currently in a broken state. This is just another glitch to add to the ever-increasing list, like the list of everything wrong with Warzone made by YouTuber Jackfrags.

So many guns like the DMR are overpowered and need to be nerfed, while attachments are not working as they should. Some high-zoom scopes have no glint at all in Warzone.

There have been issues of players clipping into walls in Verdansk, but none in the new smaller map Rebirth Island. Players have now found how to clip into walls and be completely invincible.

Rebirth Island Wall Glitch

Players have been using a new wall glitch to be invincible on Rebirth Island. This lets them be untouchable and invisible whilst shooting other players.

A new video on Reddit shows a player being killed by what initially appeared to be a wall. The Killcam then revealed that there was in fact a player inside the wall.

Luckily, players glitched inside walls will rarely win. They would have to be very lucky with the final circles to stay out of the gas. If the gas reaches them, then they’ll either have to find a way out or will end up dying in the gas.

It’s unknown exactly how the player got into the wall or what happened in the rest of the game. However, it seems like the player used an ATV to clip into the wall.

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While the exact Rebirth Island wall glitch method isn’t common knowledge, Warzone players should expect this kind of glitch to appear again and be cautious about it.

3Dmo Reddit

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