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Warzone Players Report Cheaters Spike Despite RICOCHET – January 2022

Warzone players are reporting a spike in cheaters in the Battle Royale, despite RICOCHET anti-cheat going live last month.

When Call of Duty Vanguard got its big reveal, Activision also announced that RICOCHET anti-cheat would be coming alongside the AAA release later that year.

A proper anti-cheat was one of the biggest things that Warzone was missing, and the Free-to-Play title’s cheater infestation was making a lot of players quit the game.

Warzone Pacific

Now, RICOCHET is finally live in Warzone, and the anti-cheat is already making a big deal out of banning cheaters. But Warzone players are reporting a big spike in cheaters in January 2022.

Warzone Cheaters on the Rise in January 2022

It seems that Warzone cheaters are becoming more common in January 2022, despite the work of RICOCHET anti-cheat.

Unfortunately, Warzone’s new anti-cheat wasn’t the solve-all solution we were hoping it would be. And although Activision is taking down some major cheat providers in recent weeks, cheaters are still very much in the game.

In fact, Warzone fans are reporting that cheaters appear to be more common in January 2022 than they were at the end of last year.

“I hadn’t seen a single cheater since Caldera dropped, like a full month of cheater free games, and now all of a sudden it’s back to business as usual, blatant cheaters in almost every game, wtf happened?” Reddit user sentinelProMod writes.

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Warzone Caldera

In a couple of popular posts on the CODWarzone subreddit, players discuss the influx of hackers in the Battle Royale title.

“I swear, hackers just came back with a vengence,” tumeg96 reports. “I’ve been running resurgence for a couple hours and I haven’t found a lobby yet that I’m not getting traced through walls and snapped on”

Whether more cheats just hit the market or RICOCHET isn’t living up to expectations remains to be seen. However, Raven Software needs to make some serious changes to keep fans happy.

Right now, the Warzone akimbo double-barrel shotguns are still ruining the game, even after their nerf.

And the latest Warzone Pacific update comes with more frustrating bugs, to make matters worse.

Thankfully at least we know that new changes are coming to the Warzone weapon balancing with an overall TTK increase. Hopefully, the developer can turn things around in January 2022.

After all, the Battle Royale might be one bad month away from losing fans for good…

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Thursday 13th of January 2022

They haven't fixed anything, don't bs people. They broke the loadout drops and the buy stations while attempting to fix a bugged skin (invisible operator, only hands visible). Now we have even more issues in the game, including the hackers that obviously aren't being banned. Again, don't bs people.


Thursday 13th of January 2022

It's easy, ban PC until they can get a handle on it. %99.999999 of cheaters are on PC