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Warzone Cheaters Using Silent Aim & Aimbot Hit With Reduced Damage

It seems that Warzone cheaters making use of Silent Aim or aimbot software are being hit by a damage reduction in-game.

Warzone cheaters have been a major problem over the last year and a half or so. Shortly after Activision launched its Free-to-Play Battle Royale in March 2020, cheaters have been on a rampage.

Of course, nearly all Free-to-Play games suffer from cheaters, more so than premium titles. The reason is simple: cheaters don’t have to pay for a new game when they get a ban, they can simply make a new account.

Warzone Silent Aim Hacks

Now, Warzone’s RICOCHET anti-cheat is finally here, we hoped it would be the end of the hacker situation. But unfortunately, cheaters are running rampant in Warzone like never before.

And although Dr Disrespect believes that RICOCHET was always a scam by Activision, the company is at least targeting cheat providers lately.

Warzone Aimbot Cheaters Seem to Do Less Damage

It appears that those cheaters making use of the Silent Aim magnetic bullets hacks will now be doing less damage.

Recently, we’ve seen Activision shutting down cheat providers that target Warzone. And now it appears that the publisher is making some stealth modifications to the game’s code too.

If you’re not sure what Silent Aim is, it’s a Warzone cheat that lets users fire bullets in any direction and still hit a nearby opponent. If you’ve ever seen a player firing into the sky and getting kills, that’s what they’re using.

Although the players are able to be killed in-game, even Warzone’s best meta weapons in Season 1 won’t make it easy to take them down. After all, their aimbot can lock onto you no matter where you’re hiding in wait.

Warzone RICOCHET Anti-Cheat

Now, in a new post that appears to be taken from the Silent Aim provider’s Discord, it appears that Activision is taking action against the software.

Although RICOCHET appears to be failing to catch the malicious users, it can at least detect them. A moderator on the Silent Aim Discord appears to confirm that a new backend anti-cheat change is causing issues for cheaters.

RICOCHET Detecting Aimbot and Silent Aim Users

Reportedly, RICOCHET is now flagging accounts with “inhuman super accuracy” and reducing their bullet damage substantially.

“Once the flag is in place, the damage your bullets do is reduced by a lot,” the Moderator reports. “We don’t know how much exactly, but it makes it very hard to kill people.”

Silent Aim users are now attempting to lower their accuracy to appear more legit in Warzone. However, as of right now, the cheaters don’t know if Activision will remove the flag from their accounts even if their accuracy decreases.


The report below also mentions that this new backend change will shut down all aimbot cheats, as well as even controller scripts and Cronus. If it’s true, it’s certainly a good way to shut aimbot users down for good.

Hopefully, Activision will confirm these claims very soon. As of right now, we can only hope the reports are correct.

Right now, a major issue is stopping Xbox players from matchmaking in Warzone entirely. And a lot of users are freezing when reaching the RICOCHET intro screen in-game.

On top of that, some players are finding invisible Warzone skins even without cheating.

As if to match their outfits, Warzone is also giving players invisible guns in a new glitch.

We hope that Raven Software is hard at work patching these issues. Especially as the new Welgun is impossible to unlock in Warzone right now too.

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