Are Warzone cheaters on the rise in Season 5? According to an unhappy fan base, hackers could be back with a vengeance.

Gamers new to Call of Duty Warzone might not have ever experienced how bad cheating was back in the Verdansk days.

For the longest time, the battle royale had no dedicated anti-cheat, and although Raven Software banned hundreds of thousands of hackers, it often seemed as if there was one or more in every game.

Then Caldera came along, and shortly thereafter brought about the release of RICOCHET anti-cheat, an in-house anti-cheat built from the ground up for COD.

Warzone Season 5

Since then, cheaters are far less present in Warzone, but some fans claim that the number of malicious users appears to be spiking again.

Are Cheaters Becoming More Common in Warzone Season 5?

Although evidence is circumstantial and RICOCHET is clearly banning cheaters as they crop up, fans are reporting a rise in hackers in Warzone Season 5.

According to a popular post on the CODWarzone subreddit, it seems that many players are noticing an uptick in malicious users as of late. And while others claim to not have spotted cheaters in months, more than a few Warzone fans are venting their frustrations.

“I swear… It seems like both, Richochet and SBMM, have been switched off,” Reddit user Snowman166 writes. “Our group has run into several blatant cheaters this weekend.”

Heroes vs Villains Warzone Season 5

But have cheaters crawled out of the woodwork very recently? Some players seem to think so:

“Past week its been like every other game, before that I hadn’t seen a definite hacker for a few seasons,” Reddit user polarbearwithaspear reports.

It’s not just Reddit users that are making their voices heard either. Right now a number of Twitter accounts are also detailing their run-ins with cheating players.

It’s evident that the player in the Reddit post below is cheating, but many hackers are far more subtle with their wallhacks. Could cheating be becoming more common in Activision’s Battle Royale once again?

And that’s not all fans have been complaining about recently. Just recently, Warzone players hated the new Rebirth Island After Dark playlist, and many don’t seem impressed with Season 5 as a whole.

Thankfully, we’ve got new Warzone 2 information about to drop! Don’t miss the COD Next stream here to see the latest MW2 and Warzone 2.0 gameplay and reveals!

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