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Are Warzone Cheaters Getting Worse? – May 2021

Warzone cheaters have always been an issue but players report it could be worse than ever in May 2021.

When it comes to a battle royale like Warzone, there’ll always be some users who cheat to get ahead. Whether it’s due to a lack of skill on their own part, or malicious intent to ruin the game for others, there’s no way to get around the fact that cheaters exist.

Unfortunately, it’s seemingly very easy to cheat in Warzone, even a year after its launch. Still to this day, fans are demanding a Warzone anti-cheat gets implemented into the game.

But it looks as though an anti-cheat in Warzone may not even be possible. And, despite Raven Software banning hundreds of thousands of Warzone cheaters, it’s easy to make a new account and start over.

(Source: Activision)

Many cheaters simply buy a Blueprint or two and boot up the same hacks as before. So despite the developer’s claim that it’s tackling the issue, are Warzone cheaters actually worse than ever in May 2021?

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Warzone Cheaters Are Worse Than Ever in May 2021

According to the game’s fanbase, the Warzone cheaters issue is currently worse than ever.

Although Raven Software is making incredible balance fixes to Warzone, the game has one major issue. Cheaters in the battle royale are becoming more frequent and ruining the game for many users.

Recently, fans have been very happy with the state of Warzone in Season 3. However, this issue is clearly getting to a lot of regular Warzone players.

In a new post on the Warzone subreddit, Reddit users complain about the battle royale’s ongoing cheating situation.

“I’ve been consistently playing since launch and imo this is the worst [cheating] has ever been,” Reddit user Poomfie writes. “I am, on average, running into cheaters 1/3 games for the last week. It’s at the point where if we want to try to win we are pulling riot shields…”

Warzone Verdansk '84
(Source: Activision)

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Other players go as far as to say that Activision took down this Warzone SBMM site just so players can no longer detect cheaters in their matches.

Meanwhile, some users even believe that Raven Software’s new improvements in communication are only because the developer is worried about losing its fan base to another upcoming shooter.

“What does complaining on here achieve?” winter-salmon-1 questions. “Raven have made it quite clear they don’t care. They’ve only recently started communicating with community leaders / streamers. They’re worried about Battlefield 6.”

It’s true that Battlefield 2021’s trailer is about to drop, and the game looks to be Warzone’s major competition this year. Battlefield will even have an incredible battle royale mode, if the leaks turn out to be true.

Meanwhile, Warzone is spending more time focussing on the new terrible-looking Rambo and John McClane Operator skins than on fixing cheating.

And Warzone even has an insane Mother Of All Bundles giving players a chance to buy the game’s most overpowered skin for an insane price.

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