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Warzone Cheaters Are Forcing Dev Errors On Other Players

The dreaded Dev Error is back in Warzone, but this time cheaters are causing it.

Hackers ruin every game they play, and in high-stake battle royale titles like Warzone, they cause more frustration than anywhere else. Wallhacks, aimbots, and other hacks are all commonplace in Warzone at the moment, but a brand-new hack could be even more frustrating than these.

Warzone cheaters are seemingly able to crash another player’s game now, by forcing something called a Dev Error on them. If you can’t quite believe it, have a look below.

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Warzone Season 4 Skydive

Warzone Cheaters Are Forcing Crashes With Dev Error

Previously, Warzone has a huge problem with Dev Error breaking games. First, it was Dev Error 6634 that crashed Warzone. Then an update that was issued to fix the crashes ended up bringing loads more Dev Errors into Warzone.

Luckily, Raven Software has issued an update fixing these Dev Errors. However, Season 4 has been extremely unstable so far and players are suffering from terrible lag, crashes and disconnects.

To make this matter even worse, Warzone streamer Tommey has shared a clip of someone forcing his game to get a Dev Error. The player joins his party and then a few seconds later it crashes.

Tommey believes the player forced this error to occur, as this happened twice. However, the method they used is unknown.

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The most likely explanation behind this is that the player was a cheater and has found a hack that lets him force a Dev Error on other Warzone players. Let’s hope this is just limited to the pre-game lobby because it would be a disaster if hackers were able to do this in-game.

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