The Season 1 Reloaded just gave Warzone cheaters the option to drop nukes on entire lobbies, and players are losing their own Champion’s Quests in the process.

Call of Duty Warzone is a game that has its fair share of issues when it comes to cheaters. For a long time, Verdansk was a hacker-infested nightmare, until Activision rolled out its anti-cheat: RICOCHET.

This integrated anti-cheat went a long way towards cleaning up the game, but now cheaters are running rampant in the Battle Royale once more.

And after Season 1 Reloaded added the Champion’s Quest back to the game, cheaters are now dropping nukes.

Armed Nuke in Warzone Urzikstan

Cheaters Are Completing the Champion’s Quest

It should come as no surprise that Warzone cheaters, utilizing wallhacks, aimbots, and more tools to give themselves an in-game advantage, were allegedly among the first to complete the Champion’s Quest in-game.

In Season 1 Reloaded, any player who wins 5 back-to-back games of Warzone, or earns 30 wins in a single season, unlocks the Champion’s Quest contract.

Upon completion, players are able to detonate a nuclear bomb in Urzikstan, eliminating all players and earning a Champion’s Domination.

Only hours after the nuke quest went live, we started to see reports roll in of cheaters already getting their very own Warzone nukes.

Multiple players in the Warzone community are reporting that they’ve witnessed blatant wallhack and aimbot users dropping nukes in the Battle Royale.

What’s particularly frustrating is that for a single cheater to obtain a Champion’s Domination, they will have had to ruin six lobbies apiece – five just to obtain the contract, and then one more to drop the nuke.

If multiple users are witnessing cheaters completing the new nuke quest, it’s very telling as to just how much these malicious users are getting away with in-game.

Good Luck Getting Your Own Nuke…

And it’s not just cheaters dropping nukes that’s becoming an issue, but cheaters preventing others from getting a Champion’s Domination of their own.

Content creator Westie reports that his squad had cheaters ruin what was set to be their fifth back-to-back win, stopping them from acquiring the Champion’s Quest contract.

As of yet, Activision hasn’t addressed the cheating complaints with regard to Warzone’s newest nuke. We’ll update this article if the team acknowledges the issue.

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