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Warzone Cheaters Are Being Demonetized by Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming has demonetized Warzone cheaters streaming on their platform.

Cheating is a huge problem in Warzone at the moment. There are more hackers than ever ruining Warzone for other players.

However, Facebook Gaming has decided to demonetize Warzone cheaters. They hope this will stop hackers from using Facebook Gaming to stream.

Warzone’s Cheating Problem

Cheaters have ruined Warzone for months now. Almost every game has at least one cheater.

Use these two handy tips to remove cheaters from your Warzone lobbies.

It isn’t just regular players who are cheating though. Many streamers have used cheats too. Some hackers even brag about using cheats while streaming.

Facebook Gaming hopes to stop Warzone cheaters from using their platform by demonetizing them. Industry insider Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau, claims that Facebook Gaming will step up its effort to stop hackers using the platform.

Activision has also promised to stop Warzone hackers. However, this may take some time.

warzone cheaters

Warzone Cheaters Demonetized

Slasher claims that Facebook Gaming has already demonetized a few Warzone cheaters. This is to stop hackers from using the platform.

A hacker that Vikkstar identified on his stream has already been fully demonetized. Facebook Gaming has also removed him from the Level Up program.

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Being removed from the Partner and Level Up programs stops streamers from earning money. They can’t get Stars and Fan Subscriptions.

Slasher Twitter

Slasher says that Facebook Gaming has also demonetized a few other Warzone cheaters.

Other platforms like Twitch and YouTube should also adopt an anti-cheat stance. It would be a strong message to stop hacks from being used in all games.

Content creators like Drift0r will leave Warzone behind unless the cheating problem is resolved soon. Without content creators, the game could die.

Meanwhile, Dr Disrespect has also weighed in on the Warzone hacking crisis. It is fair to say that everyone is fed up with cheats now.

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