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Warzone Cheaters Are Back Again – Did the Ban Wave Work?

Warzone players are complaining that cheaters are back less than a week after a huge ban wave.

Cheating is a huge problem in all competitive online games. However, the cheating problem in Warzone has been widespread for a long time and little had been done to address it until recently.

Were these anti-cheat measures enough and are cheaters back in Warzone again?

Did Banning Warzone Hackers Work?

Last week, Activision announced huge plans to tackle the rampant cheating in Warzone and banned 60,000 Warzone cheaters.

Fans were very happy that Activision was starting to take Warzone cheaters seriously. They were also excited to hear that Warzone will be Activision’s top priority “for a long time”.

Warzone players even noticed what difference the bans made. Many players reported encountering way fewer cheaters after the huge ban wave.

Warzone Armored Royale

This didn’t stop players from exploiting a new invisibility glitch over the weekend though. The Armored Royale mode has since been removed from Warzone as a result.

However, players have now noticed that the number of cheaters playing Warzone is rising again. Unfortunately, it seems like Warzone cheaters are back, according to this Reddit post.

Omega_Sylo Reddit

Why Are Warzone Cheaters Back?

The simplest explanation for hackers returning to Warzone is that they have got new accounts. Banning cheaters is an effective short-term fix, but it won’t stop hackers forever.

This is because cheaters can just set up another account easily to quickly get back to cheating. They can even use this hack to unlock all of the attachments, blueprints, and camos early.

The only way to ensure that Warzone cheaters never come back is with an effective anti-cheat system that detects hacks quickly and bans players. Activision has announced that it is improving Warzone’s anti-cheat software soon, but it needs to be quick to stop Warzone’s cheating problem from reaching breaking point again soon.

Warzone plane

While cheating is still the main problem in Warzone, there are a number of reasons why Warzone players aren’t enjoying the game any more.

Glitches are also a huge problem ruining the Warzone experience. Warzone players can no longer unlock free blueprints for completing the Easter Eggs.

Rebirth Island also has a potentially game breaking bug where loadout drops land in the sea.

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