Warzone cheaters are now using blatant hacks and are no longer trying to hide their aimbot or ability to see through walls.

The battle royale game has a long history, with cheaters ruining the game. Often, they can be hard to spot, with players simply adding reduced recoil to their guns or knowing where players are always located.

Essentially, they typically make an effort to evade detection but this latest clip of a hacker shows they are no longer trying to hide their cheats.

Symfuhny Runs Into Blatant Warzone Cheaters

Warzone and Call of Duty streamer Symfuhny ran into a player who was cheating and using hacks.

While gliding towards a building, an opponent in Warzone instantly shot the player out of the sky without missing a bullet. Even before seeing the killcam, he had an idea that the player who killed him was cheating.

However, upon watching the footage, it turns out to be a pretty hilarious situation, with the hacker being quite obvious. With their cheats activated, they spin in a circle and without even aiming towards Symfuhny, they hit every shot, downing the streamer.

Tons of community members were quick to respond, with this player sarcastically questioning the game’s anti-cheat system.

While another keeps the same sentiment.

Ricochet Anti-cheat to stop Warzone Hackers

If more and more cheaters using this hack can bypass the Ricochet anti-cheat, then the Warzone developers must address it as soon as possible.

This system is meant to prevent players like the one in the clip above from being put into matches. After all, they did introduce a new splat system to combat cheaters.

The last thing we want as players is for our lobbies to be filled with hackers. Only time will tell if this blatant cheating will continue, but we certainly hope not for the game’s sake.

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