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Warzone Cheat Providers Being Shut Down by Activision

While the Warzone Pacific map has been delayed, Activision has decided to shut down Call of Duty and Warzone cheat providers much to the excitement of the community!

Call of Duty series has its fair share of cheaters and Warzone is no exception. Players have been complaining about cheaters ruining their multilayer experience for months now.

Warzone cheaters are steadily growing and players are hoping the new RICOCHET anti-cheat can combat this issue at hand.

But, Activision is now taking matters into their hands and pulling the plug on the source of the cheats itself. 

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Activision Shuts Down Top Warzone Cheat Provider Golden Gun

Activision appears to be taking legal action against cheat providers ahead of RICOCHET’s Warzone launch. The launch is now scheduled to take place on December 8th.

Twitter user ‘NYSL Mavriq’ shared the announcement made by Golden Gun on their Discord server. The announcement stated the following:

“Activision has contacted Golden Gun Admins and has claimed that Golden Gun is in violation of their Terms of Service. As a result, Golden Gun will no longer be supporting any Activision product and will be ceasing all development. For those wondering, this has nothing to do with Activision’s Anti-Cheat and is entirely a legal matter.”

The announcement made it clear that this is not due to the soon arriving RICOCHET anti-cheat. However, it is clear that Activision wants to get rid of the cheaters off their titles from all fronts.

But, this isn’t the only news keeping Warzone players on the tip of their toes. Players can now jump into the newly added Operation Flashback LTM in Warzone.

Whether this move from Activision instills fear in other cheat developers is a discussion for the future. However, players recently received more pictures of the upcoming Warzone Pacific map – Caldera.

Finally, make sure to make yourself familiar with the Warzone Pacific map and check out the Caldera Points of Interest and locations.

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Friday 26th of November 2021

Just can't take it anymore.


Sunday 21st of November 2021

Too little, too late.