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Warzone Cheat Provider EngineOwning Hit in the Latest RICOCHET Ban Wave

Warzone has taken a step towards a new direction and it appears the new anti-cheat has hit EngineOwning this time.

The Warzone Pacific update is finally live, much to the excitement of the Call of Duty fans. Aside from the new map Caldera, the latest update also brought new guns, Operators, and a revamped Battle Pass system.

Although, players aren’t too happy about the glitch making some of the Operators invisible in Warzone Pacific.

With the introduction of the new anti-cheat RICOCHET, it seems that cheaters’ days are numbered in Warzone.

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warzone Operators

Earlier this month, Activision shut down another cheat provider. And now, it appears the latest ban wave has targeted the biggest Warzone cheat provider in the world — EngineOwning.

Twitter user ‘ModernWarzone‘ shared that a ban wave recently took place across Warzone. They followed it up by stating that this affected EngineOwning and shared an official statement from the Warzone cheat provider themselves.

According to the statement, one of their cheat services is down right now. Further, they denied this being a byproduct of the new anti-cheat.

There’s no doubt this is great news for the players and one user had an interesting take on the current situation.

“they have a history of disappearing after they discover a kernel driver within the anticheat, they’re probably not coming back”

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engineowning cheats call of duty

Whether they come back with updated cheats remains to be seen. But one thing is for certain, Activision wants to eliminate every cheater from their titles.

Last month, Activision took legal action against the Golden Gun cheat provider.

Also, you don’t want to be using this gun in Caldera and it has to be the worst gun in Warzone Pacific.

Finally, make sure you drop in the best loot spots in Caldera. You want to gather the best ground loot possible and give yourself a good start in an attempt to survive on this huge island map.

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