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Warzone Chapter 3 Release Date Leaks – Hints at Vanguard & Pacific Map

The release date for Warzone chapter 3 has been leaked online already, but what new content will be coming with the update?

Despite the lack of exciting new content this year, most Warzone players have been very patient. Now, it looks like the waiting could be almost over.

While Season 6 updated a load of Warzone locations in Verdansk and added the new WW2 bunkers underground, players still want more.

Luckily, a data miner has uncovered ‘Warzone Chapter 3’ as well as its release date. But what will this include?

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New Warzone Pacific Map Details Revealed

What is Warzone Chapter 3?

Warzone players are currently looking forward to the new event called ‘The Haunting’. This includes the exciting ‘Ghosts of Verdansk’ game mode which turns players into ghosts.

However, if Halloween isn’t your thing, then Warzone is in for some huge new changes soon.

Data miner @ZestyCODLeaks has found some interesting info in the Warzone game files. This reveals the release date of something known as ‘Warzone Chapter 3’.

Apparently, Warzone Chapter 3 will release on December 7, 2021.

What this update includes is unknown right now, but players have been making predictions.

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Warzone Pacific Map POI

Is the Warzone Pacific Map Release Date in Chapter 3?

The most believable theory right now is that the colorful new Pacific Warzone map and improved anti-cheat system will arrive at the start of Warzone Chapter 3.

This is because Warzone Chapter 2 was with the Cold War integration and, later, the Verdansk ’84 map.

We will hopefully hear more about the Pacific map soon. This is thanks to a leak uncovering the Warzone Pacific map reveal event later in Season 6.

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Warzone Season 6

Vanguard Integration Release Date in Warzone?

However, the rumor that December 7 will be the date of Vanguard integration in Warzone has now been debunked.

We don’t know whether this will happen before or after ‘Warzone Chapter 3’, but players will be hoping that it goes much smoother than the integration of Cold War content.

Luckily, Warzone has already added two new Vanguard guns to the game. This will hopefully make for a smooth transition.

Otherwise, the new Pacific Warzone map could have some major problems.

In other news, yet another leak has revealed some important info about the new Warzone map. Supposedly, the Warzone Pacific map will have AIrplanes that you can pilot!

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