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Warzone Cash Extraction Event in Fortune’s Keep Explained

Warzone Season 4 Mercenaries of Fortune is bringing Fortune’s Keep along with the new Cash Extraction Event.

A brand new event called “Cash Extraction” is coming temporarily for the new Fortune’s Keep map, forcing fast-paced gameplay.

Raven Software has been listening to Call of Duty fans in terms of new in-game events. The past events in Warzone have been a success with players enjoying them and asking to keep them for longer.

The new Black Market Supply Run Contract and Cash Extraction Event are two ways for players to gather a ton of cash and loot. This will be helpful to get a win on the new Battle Royale map.

Warzone’s Season 4 Mercenaries of Fortune is bringing a ton of changes to the Caldera map in the Battle Royale.

Fortune's Keep Cash Extraction

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What is Fortune’s Keep Cash Extraction Event in Season 4?

Cash Extraction is a public event that will occur during matches on Fortune’s Keep. “Mercenaries” will occasionally perform a Cash Extraction, and it can happen multiple times during a match.

The mercenaries will attempt to extract valuable rewards, however, if you can take down the mercenaries, the rewards are yours.

Killing the mercenaries in the event is the best method to gather a ton of cash and loot, which can be used at the map’s new Black Market.

Cash Extraction Event

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How to complete Fortune’s Keep Cash Extraction?

When the event begins, the tac map will show a flashing gold circle and money bag icon. Also, a flare fires into the air to signal a helicopter that will rappel a black and gold bag.

Near the black and gold bag, a squad of five agents will take up positions before the drop. To claim the contents of the Cash Extraction bag, you’ll have to eliminate the mercenaries.

“However, be warned: these mercenaries have multiple reinforcement waves, and that’s on top of you not being the only Operator in the lobby who may want these rewards.”

The event is over once the bag is completely empty, the helicopter destroyed, or enough time has passed.

Cash Extrtaction Event Fortune's Keep

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Cash Extraction Rewards

The rewards on the Cash Extraction event are cash, ammo, armor and equipment. You can get the rewards by killing all the mercenaries.

However, keep in mind that other players in the match can get the rewards even if your squad has killed the mercenaries.

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