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Warzone Needs Huge Changes To Remove Camping Meta in A Future Update

The meta in Warzone has always been camping, but it it time for a change now?

Many players think that Warzone favors conservative play and even camping for a number of reasons. It is a very viable tactic to grab a suppressed weapon and a heartbeat sensor in your Ghost Loadout and just camp in a building.

However, YouTuber Xclusive Ace has revealed what Warzone developer Raven Software could do to stop the stealth meta. It would only require a few changes!

Warzone Season 3 Reloaded

How To Stop Camping Meta in Warzone

In his latest video, Xclusive Ace made some major suggestions that would shift the camping meta in Warzone. This is especially common in Solos where almost every player campers with a heartbeat sensor.

The methods he suggests to change the playstyle in Warzone are threefold. There need to be changes to Heartbeat Sensors, Perks (especially Ghost), and Suppressors to shift the meta tactic away from camping.

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Warzone Heartbeat Sensor Meta

Firstly, Xclusive Ace suggests that Raven Software nerfs the Heartbeat Sensor in Warzone to remove the camping meta. This is because it is unlimited and lets players camp while using it constantly, making it easy to know when anyone is coming.

He suggests that the Heartbeat Sensor gets a cooldown. If players could only get a few pulses of the Heartbeat sensor before having to wait 30 seconds to use it again, this would definitely help reduce camping.

Players have been asking for a huge Heartbeat Sensor nerf for ages now and this would help balance the game a lot.

Warzone Season 3

Ghost Nerf & Perk Changes

Secondly, a nerf to the Ghost perk would drastically shift the Warzone meta away from camping too. At the moment, everyone picks up Ghost so they don’t appear on UAVs or Heartbeat Sensors.

However, Xclusive Ace suggests that Ghost becomes more of a soft counter to Heartbeat Sensors. This means that players using a Heartbeat sensor would be able to tell a Ghosted enemy is nearby, but not the distance or direction.

Also, other perks like High Alert and Pointman could be buffed so fewer players choose Ghost.

For now though, make sure to use one of these Top 5 Secondary Weapons in Warzone with your Ghost loadout.

warzone ghost

Suppressor Nerf

Finally, every best loadout in Warzone features a suppressor. This is because they keep you off the minimap entirely and increase bullet velocity.

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Xclusive Ace suggests that suppressors shouldn’t increase bullet velocity or decrease recoil. Alternatively, these bonuses would be given to other attachments like the Muzzle Break to give players a more difficult choice.

Would these changes move the Warzone meta away from camping? Check out Xclusive Ace’s video below to get the full picture.

Meanwhile, make sure to check out the best meta loadouts in Warzone for June 2021. The meta has shifted a lot recently, so don’t get left behind!

Also, a fix for a major Warzone DLSS accuracy problem is currently in the works.

Finally, Activision is trying to keep toxicity away from its games. Over 350,000 toxic Call of Duty players have been banned in the last year.

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