Warzone Coming to Call of Duty 2020 With New Map, YouTuber Claims

Call of Duty Warzone currently takes place in the world of Verdansk. Although there are still many more mysteries to unravel, YouTuber ‘TheXclusiveAce’ claims in a recent video that a new map is coming to the popular Battle Royale.

The video focuses on brand new details regarding the next installment within the franchise, which is rumored to be Black Ops Cold War.

In their latest video, XclusiveAce says Warzone will be coming to Call of Duty 2020.

While Infinity Ward’s Taylor Kurosaki has previously confirmed they will update Warzone as new Call of Duty games arrive, this isn’t too surprising.

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New Call of Duty Warzone Map Locations & Details

The YouTuber has also shared details about the new Warzone map, including some of the locations/points of interests that will be available.

  • Takes place in Russia.
  • There is a big lake towards the middle/bottom left of the map.
  • The bottom right of the map features a large snowy area, including lots of mountains. XclusiveAce has named two of the locations that are available in this area: ‘Ski Slopes’ and ‘Weather Station’.
  • Above the snow area, you’ll find two other named locations: ‘Chemical Labs’ and ‘Mines’. The Mines POI is located in the same position as the Quarry in Verdansk.
  • One POI is ‘Duga’, which appears to be the Radar Station just outside of Chernobyl.
  • Towards the top left of this new Warzone map, you’ll find ‘Golova’.
  • The ‘Battery’ is located on the middle left of the screen.
  • The bottom left features a location named ‘Sanatorium’.
  • In the very center of this new map, you’ll find a small city and just below that there is the ‘Zoo’.
  • XclusiveAce claims this new map might be a little smaller than Verdansk, although there’s plenty of open locations.
  • Swimming mechanics will be added.

It’s unclear when this new map will be added to Call of Duty Warzone. While Infinity Ward or Raven Software has not commented on the matter yet, it’s best to remain skeptical.

TheXclusiveAce’s video has since been taken down.

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