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Warzone Caldera Pacific Map – All Locations & POIs Revealed

Call of Duty has finally shared all of the POIs in the new Warzone Pacific map, Caldera – which location will you be dropping at first?

Warzone players love Verdansk, but it is time for a change. Luckily, Warzone will be taking players to an exotic new location in the Pacific Ocean very soon.

The Warzone Pacific map release date is coming very soon, following a short delay and now we know even more information about the new location.

Activision has just revealed a detailed map of Caldera, the new Warzone Pacific map, and it includes all of the major locations on the island. Check it out below!

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Warzone Pacific Map Airport

Warzone Pacific – Full Caldera Map With POIs & Locations Revealed

Players have already seen the stunning first images of the new Pacific Warzone map, but there has been little information revealed about it since then.

Yes, the Secrets of The Pacific Warzone event revealed some more glimpses of Caldera, but players were still wondering what the map was really like.

Luckily, Activision has finally shared an image of the full map of Caldera. What’s more, it is labeled with all of the major POIs too!

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Warzone Pacific Map Planes

These are all of the different locations you can visit in the Warzone Pacific map, Caldera:

  • Arsenal
  • Docks
  • Runway
  • Ruins
  • Mines
  • Peak
  • Beachhead
  • Village
  • Lagoon
  • Airfield
  • Fields
  • Sub Pen
  • Power Plant
  • Capital
  • Restort

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The map looks much more open than Verdansk and seems to have far fewer buildings, especially in the center. Plus, it looks like there will be a lot more verticality in Caldera too, thanks to the towering volcano in the middle of the island.

Do you like the look of Caldera now that Activision has shared a full map of the new Warzone location? Let’s hope that it brings a huge shake-up to Warzone to make the game feel fresh again.

Raven Software will be hoping it was worth all of the time spent making it. Especially considering that the Pacific Warzone map could have had some drastic changes during development.

Warzone Pacific Caldera Map All POIs and Locations
Call of Duty

Meanwhile, the new Warzone map should be hacker-free. Not only will the new RICOCHET anti-cheat system remove hackers but Activision has also shut down a huge Warzone cheats provider recently.

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