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Warzone Caldera Map New Contracts Explained – Big Game Bounty, Supply Drop, More

There are brand-new contracts to explore in Warzone Pacific’s new Caldera map – here’s everything you need to know.

If you’re hopping back into Warzone for the new Pacific rebranding, there are new contracts to explore in Caldera. The beautiful new map is finally here, and with it comes an entirely new game to discover.

When you’re discovering the secrets of Caldera, you’re sure to come across the game’s brand-new features.

But whether you’re racing to grab the best meta weapon in Warzone Pacific or exploring the incredible island in a plane, you’ll need to know about the new contracts.

Warzone Pacific New Contracts

These items can be found scattered around the Battle Royale once again, with a brand-new appearance. And we’re even getting a few new contracts never seen before in Warzone.

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Warzone Pacific New Contracts Explained – Caldera

We’ve got 3 new contracts to discover in the new Warzone Pacific map, Caldera. Here’s what each one will do upon collecting.

Big Game Bounty

Just like a standard Bounty contract, Big Game Bounty will task its collector with hunting down an enemy Operator. However, this time your target will be an enemy with a high elimination count, meaning you’re going against the best of the best.

You’ll get a sizeable reward and an Advanced UAV for completing the contract, but you won’t find this one on your Tac Map before the end of the 1st circle. As it turns out, the Big Game Bounty is the easiest way to level up guns in Warzone Pacific!

In addition, if you’re performing well yourself, don’t worry. The Big Game Bounty will not select the same target multiple times in a row, so you’ll only have to deal with a few hunters.

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Supply Drop

With the new Supply drop contract in Caldera, Warzone Pacific players will call in a valuable care package. This Supply Drop will give you its coordinates right away, but other teams can potentially steal it right from under you.

The Supply Drop will emit green smoke, making it good bait for enemy players, or the ultimate resupply.

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Warzone Caldera Map

What Is Warzone Pacific TOP SECRET Contract?

The third and final new contract is Warzone Pacific‘s new TOP SECRET objective. And this one is a bit more of a risk than the others on the map.

Collecting a TOP SECRET contract in Caldera will select a random objective from the contract list. However, it’s worth grabbing, as completing this contract will net you significantly increased rewards!

Taking it at the wrong moment could get you into a whole heap of trouble, however.

After the huge disappointment of the Last Hours of Verdansk event, it’s nice to have a brand-new map to enjoy.

And don’t forget to unlock these weapons in Warzone to get ahead of the competition!

Meanwhile, we think we already know the best landing spots in Caldera for you to drop into!

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