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Warzone Caldera Cheat Provider “Mangocheats” Shut Down By Activision

The biggest Warzone update is finally here and Activision has shut down yet another Warzone cheat provider!

Caldera has finally launched in Warzone. Along with the new map, the Warzone Pacific update also brings a series of new Operators and guns.

As is the case with any major update, Warzone will most likely see a big spike in the active players in the coming days. But the players won’t be too happy about these Caldera graphics glitches.

With the beginning of Season 1 in Warzone Pacific, it looks like Activision now wants to eliminate all the cheaters from their titles.

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caldera cheat provider call of duty

Activision Shuts Down Another Top Warzone Cheat Provider Mangocheats

Activision has taken legal action against “Mangocheats”, a Call of Duty and Warzone cheat provider. This is right on time as Warzone will have new as well as returning players thanks to the latest update.

It isn’t news that Warzone has a big cheater problem. The Warzone Pacific update hasn’t even been live for a day and players are already reporting cheaters in Caldera.

Twitter user ‘ModernWarzone‘ recently shared that Activision legal has struck again. And this time decided to take down Mangocheats, one of the popular cheat providers for the Call of Duty games.

However, many users demanded action against other top cheat providers, especially “EngineOwning”.

“When will they 86 engine owning it’s literally retail cheats my grandma could set that up”

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cod warzone cheat provider

This isn’t the first time Activision has taken action against cheat providers. Last month, Activision shut down the biggest Warzone Cheat provider.

In the meantime, if you are jumping into Warzone, the Season 1 Battle Pass Tier rewards will surprise you. There are more free rewards than ever before.

Finally, make sure you know how to report cheaters in Warzone Pacific’s Caldera. It is every player’s responsibility to help combat the growing cheaters in-game.

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