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Warzone Season 4: Biggest Changes Coming to Caldera

Warzone Season 4 is bringing some big changes to the island of Caldera and its many POIs. Here’s everything you should keep an eye on when Mercenaries of Fortune launches!

When there is a new Warzone update the meta always changes. This includes weapons, rotations, and popular landing spots.

With Warzone Season 4 it looks like the meta will see the biggest change since the addition of Caldera due to a complete overhaul that Raven Software is doing.

New Caldera will feature visibility improvements to most of its POIs. It will also feature new mini-POIs to help improve the looting experience for players.

Here are all the biggest changes coming to Warzone Season 4 Mercenaries of Fortune.

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Warzone Village

Warzone Caldera: Biggest Changes Coming in Season 4 Mercenaries of Fortune

Warzone Season 4 will bring a new vehicle, new contract, in-game events, and a complete revamp of the island of Caldera.

Some of the most noticeable changes will come in how the island is now laid out. Before, Caldera was a fruitful island with healthy vegetation and streams of water.

But following the events of Operation Monarch, drought has hit the island. Now New Caldera has seen a severe decrease in vegetation and the addition of all-new mini-POIs.

This will most likely be a huge help for the players that weren’t too fond of the recent changes to the sniper rifles in Warzone.

The new POIs will also offer more opportunities to find some valuable loot. And Storage Town will be making its way to Caldera! Along with a new Armored SUV, an offensive vehicle to help you get around.

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Warzone Caldera Arsenal

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Every Change Coming to Caldera POIs in Warzone Season 4

Here are some important changes coming to the POIs in New Caldera:

  • The Capital now has bridges and scaffolding linking the rooftops together.
  • The Dig Site no longer has giant skulls and bones offering protection.
  • Arsenal now has a ship in its drydock waiting for players to loot its secrets.
  • Peak’s summit now has staircases to make it easier to move around and spot enemies.
  • Peak has a new mini-POI towards the north of the summit.
  • A few of the riverbeds and bodies of water around the map have dried up revealing new areas.
  • A new military camp has popped up east of Summit.
  • Deforestation on the island of Caldera has revealed green military tents scattered about.
  • The main river running through the Village has dried revealing a new area for players to loot.
  • Caldera is now home to a new Lodging Station.

And players will also be able to loot some underground vaults! So there are a lot of exciting new changes coming to Caldera with Warzone Season 4.

But perhaps the most exciting change is the inclusion of a new map rotation system. This will allow players to play in New Caldera, Fortune’s Keep, and Rebirth Island.

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