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New Warzone C4 Trick Can Eliminate Full Squads in a Second

Those ready to head into Warzone Season 6 need to know this new C4 trick before they die to it.

A new way to use C4 in Warzone has been revealed, and players should take advantage while they still can. Now that the information is in the public eye, Infinity Ward may be looking to patch the bug for being too powerful.

The C4 trick was discovered by Reddit user DarkOcf. Allegedly, the user has been holding on to the knowledge in secret for 4 seasons now.

Warzone Quad Explosion
(Source: Activision)

If that’s true, then we’ve been missing out on the knowledge for some time now. DarkOcf describes the C4 trick as ‘broken’, and it’s certainly an easy way to rack up the kills.

Making use of C4 equipment, which can be found in-game or in loadouts, players can wipe an entire enemy squad. And what’s more, the process only takes a matter of seconds.

How to Use the C4 Trick to Eliminate Full Squads

The process is a simple but deadly one. By placing a C4 on a car and then getting inside it, a strange bug makes you invincible to that equipment’s explosion.

Therefore, you can drive up to an enemy vehicle and detonate the charge. The explosion will instantly eliminate the full squad of enemey players, and leave you unharmed.

Not a scratch will be left on your vehicle in what is clearly an unintended bug. The Warzone development team will be aware of this issue now, but the C4 trick still works in-game for the moment.

The process also works when eliminating players on foot, but it performs best when targetting an enemy vehicle. Even if the enemy squad has a Trophy System planted on their car, the explosion isn’t taking any prisoners.

How NOT to Use the C4 Trick

Although this is an incredibly-powerful trick, there are some ways you won’t want to use it. Firstly, if you’re too close to your squadmates, detonating the C4 will send them right to the Gulag along with your enemies.

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Warzone Helicopter C4
(Source: Activision)

Make sure to put some distance between yourself and your team when exploding.

Secondly, this unintended bug does not work with helicopters, something that its discoverer learned the hard way. Detonating a C4 on your chopper will lead to a suicidal fireball, no matter what.

Still, it’s entirely possible that you’ll take out your enemies too. If you’re taking one for the team, there’s probably no better way to go out than in a blaze of glory.

Right now, assuming NICKMERCS’ claim that the game is dying due to a hacker infestation has got Activision’s attention, the development team is likely a little busy. Therefore, there’s still plenty of time to take advantage of the C4 as we head into the start time for Warzone Season Six.

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