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Warzone Buyback Respawn Height Is Causing Major Redeploy Issues

Warzone players are currently facing another problematic change in the latest update, Interestingly, this one involves the buyback height redeploy for respawning players.

In yet another not-so-well thought-out update, Treyarch appears to have made changes to game mechanics that were better off being left well alone.

Warzone Buyback Height
(Source: Activision)

For example, Warzone’s new Radiation Zones have led to a brand-new infinite stim tactic. Furthermore, the new gun addition to Warzone, the Sykov is also causing major frustration.

It appears that players already want a huge Sykov nerf, after players have deemed it Warzone’s most broken gun ever. Now, players are dealing with a brand-new issue, here is what players think about the new Warzone buyback height redeploy.

Warzone Buyback Respawn Height Is Too Low

In a recent update, Treyarch appears to have changed the height at which players will now redeploy. The issue that players are currently facing is that by respawning too low, it is all too easy to be shot out of the sky.

Furthermore, interestingly enough, it appears to be around the same height as the Zombies Royale mode event last Halloween. A Reddit user has pointed out that the new buyback height could be caused by this change:

Like always, Raven broke something in their spaghetti code, the redeployment height is the same as the zombies’ mode back in October.

(Source: Reddit)
warzone land without parachute
(Source: Activision)

This could be due to the fact that Treyarch has re-introduced the ability for players to become zombies. If you want to know how to turn into a zombie in Warzone’s radiation zones, here’s how to do it.

However, the new change is causing frustrating problems for players, users have reported that the new buyback height is currently just too low. By reducing the height at which players respawn, it makes it all too easy to hit shots, resulting in a repeating respawn cycle.

Warzone Buyback Height
(Source: Activision)

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Furthermore, when you pair this issue with Warzone’s no-glint sniper rifle glitch, it becomes a recipe for disaster. It seem as though many players are struggling to respawn, due to the new buyback height.

Warzone Players Are Frustrated With Buyback Respawn Height

Take a look at what the Reddit community has to say regarding the issue just below. It is clear that Treyarch needs to implement some major fixes in order to alleviate player concerns. Players are understandably angry that changes have been made which are affecting the way the game plays out.

(Source: Reddit)

It is likely that the buyback height is here to stay until there are some major changes to Warzone’s map. A recent Warzone & Cold War cinematic has hinted at the 1980s Verdansk map.

In the meantime, it might be beneficial to get used to the current meta. Call of Duty Pro JGOD has claimed that players should ‘expect to lose’ when not running the meta.

Therefore, if you are after the best full-auto Akimbo Sykov loadout, currently Warzone’s most powerful gun, take a look at our complete loadout.

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