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Warzone Broken Weapon Attachments Fix is Finally Coming

Raven is finally fixing the Cold War attachments bug in Warzone.

Anyone who has played Warzone since Season 1 launched is probably aware that weapon attachments have been totally broken.

Although this went slightly under the radar to begin with as everyone was too busy hiding from the totally overpowered DMR.

Players started to use other Cold War guns in Warzone after the huge nerf to the DMR. However, they just uncovered more problems.

Zeyna Operator Cold War Warzone

Warzone Barrels and Grips Broken?

For all of the Cold War guns in Warzone, there are many attachments that don’t do what the descriptions say and need to be fixed.

To make sure you stay away from broken Warzone attachments, use this loadout guide for the best guns to use in Verdansk.

For instance, the Bruiser Grip reduces recoil in game, but this effect is unlisted in the attachment description. On the other hand, basically all rear grips in the game make no change to how the weapon handles.

Some guns like the XM4 have been affected so badly by this glitch that they are virtually unusable. All of the barrels decrease instead of increase bullet velocity, making it very hard to hit shots with the weapon.

XM4 Cold War Warzone Attachments

Raven To Fix Cold War Attachments?

Finally, it looks like the Raven will fix the broken Warzone attachments.

Alexis Barth, Raven Software’s Communications and Community Manager added a card to Activision’s Trello board. This is where the developers list all of the upcoming patches, changes and issues.

Another issue listed on the Trello board is the upcoming fix for Cold War Thermal Scopes glitch.

The card, labelled ‘Certain attachments are not unlocking or working as intended’ is currently in the ‘under investigation’ stage.

However, the date for this fix is still uncertain. Hopefully, it will be sooner rather than later as many players are still avoiding Cold War guns because of this glitch.

Somehow, the attachment glitch isn’t the biggest problem in Warzone at the moment. Hacking is rife in Warzone – this pro player even accused a streamer of cheating in a tournament.

Although cheating accusations sometimes go too far. This player was wrongly accused of hacking and got banned from the Twitch Rivals tournament.

Warzone players have something to look forward to at least. The 2021 CDL season will include Warzone for the first time.

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