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Warzone “Broken” Streamer Mode Fix Could Be Coming Soon

A dedicated streamer mode for Warzone could finally be in the works.

Many online games have a ‘streamer mode’ which makes the identity of streamers playing the game anonymous. This is to prevent stream sniping, where viewers watching a stream hunt down a streamer in-game.

Warzone is one of the most popular games to watch on YouTube and Twitch, yet its streamer mode is very lacking.

Luckily, Raven Software has addressed some complaints from one of the most popular Warzone streamers.


Warzone Has Stream Sniping Problems

Popular Warzone streamer JoeWo complained about the “broken” streamer mode in a new tweet directed at Warzone developer Raven Software.

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The current streamer mode in Warzone simply doesn’t do anything to prevent stream sniping. In fact, it does the opposite of what it should do.

Warzone’s streamer mode does nothing to hide the names of streamers, but it does make the players in the streamer’s lobby anonymous.

Stream sniping is a huge problem at the moment, especially because cheating in Warzone is getting worse again.

Warzone Season 3

Streamers Should Be Anonymous in Warzone

Raven Software has been really responsive to the community recently, having fixed a number of the map glitch spots in Verdansk ’84 very quickly. Plus, the studio only just released a hotfix to remove the unlimited gas mask exploit.

Luckily, Raven Software is taking feedback on the Warzone streamer mode on board too. The studio replied to JoeWo’s tweet saying:

“We’re listening. What kind of improvements would you ideally like to see to the current ‘Streamer Mode’ setting?”

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JoeWo then replied to explain how the streamer names should be anonymous instead of the players the streamers face.

Hopefully, this streamer mode fix will be pretty easy to implement so it can make its way to Warzone very soon. However, one feature Warzone players want even more is a detailed gunsmith with weapon stats.

Meanwhile, a new Warzone leak has hinted that every single item from every battle pass so far will be available in one huge bundle. This won’t come cheap though!

Also, PC players might want to turn off their DLSS. Warzone NVIDIA DLSS is causing huge aim problems.

Finally, make sure you are using the best controller settings for Warzone. It’ll help you secure those all-important wins.

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