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Warzone Bounties are Crashing Entire Servers

There’s an issue with Call of Duty: Warzone bounties and it’s causing entire servers to crash.

It seems that a new issue is arising in Warzone, that’s affecting many matches in the popular battle royale. The new discovery may be the cause of the recent Warzone crashes players have been experiencing since the start of the new season.

Warzone Bounty
(Source: Activision)

According to users on Reddit, the bounty contracts that players can find in-game are responsible for the bug. User Ditdr explains that a server crash occurs anytime every team in the lobby picks up a bounty.

Once the final team gets their hands on the useful contracts, it seems that the entire Warzone server will crash. Obviously this issue is making a lot of users very unhappy, particularly when disconnecting in games where they had been racking up the kills.

The bug tends to occur around the 3rd circle onwards, so it’s not a common issue at the beginning of games. This only serves to add to the frustration players feel when it happens later on.

As of yet, Infinity Ward is yet to address the issue on Twitter. The same goes for publisher Activision, which is prioritizing promoting the release of the next Call of Duty game.

Why Do Warzone Bounties Crash Entire Servers?

This is purely speculation on a Reddit user’s part, but it makes a lot of sense. Ditdr claims to have personally investigated the issue in game, and has found a way to trigger the crash.

The issue, the user believes, stems from Warzone’s nerf to armor plate spawns. This was a recent change and restricts the number of armor plates that can spawn in any one area.

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Warzone Armor Plate
(Source: Activision)

When a bounty can no longer be completed, it will drop plates as a reward. Should the total plate count in an area now exceed what the server believes to be its maximum number, crashes occur.

As a network engineer, Ditdr spends 40+ hours a week on troubleshooting, and their skills have led to finding the reason why Warzone is crashing. According to his comments, the user spent time “painstakingly sat on the edge of a map”, counting bounties to determine the issue.

Perhaps it’s time to move on from Call of Duty: Warzone until the issues are fixed. Players looking to jump ship will be happy to know that a Black Ops Cold War promotion could offer double XP for a year.

If you’re looking to try out the upcoming Call of Duty title, its Beta is just around the corner. But it seems that already, Call of Duty fans hate Black Ops Cold War’s Early Access system.

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