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Warzone Black Screen Glitch Stops Wins From Counting

Warzone players have been suffering from a black screen glitch that is taking their hard-earned wins away.

Warzone, like every other battle royale game, is all about securing the win. No matter how many kills you get, it basically counts for nothing unless you are the last man standing.

Therefore, a glitch that would stop players from being awarded their wins is a huge problem. Unfortunately, many players have been experiencing just that.

warzone season 2

Black Screen After Win Bug in Warzone

Redditor tf___ posted a clip of his Warzone win going terribly wrong. However, this isn’t the only thing making Warzone unplayable in Season 2.

After killing the last man standing, he was greeted with the all-important “Warzone Victory” banner at the bottom of the screen. However, this soon went wrong.

Instead of showing the cutscene where the winners get into the helicopter to leave Verdansk, tf___ was greeted with a black screen. There was no way of exiting, so he had to reboot his game to get back in.

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Warzone Squad

This black screen glitch also stops all of your Warzone wins from being tracked in-game, which is extremely frustrating. Strangely, though, the wins are still tracked in the Call of Duty smartphone app.

Many other players have also experienced this issue recently. The Reddit post has loads of upvotes and players replying to share their experience with the glitch too.

This glitch can seemingly happen in any game mode and can also occur on Rebirth Island as well as Verdansk.

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Hopefully, Raven Software will fix this black screen glitch in Warzone before the huge Season 2 Reloaded Update brings more content to the game.

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tf___ Reddit

This black screen glitch isn’t the only thing annoying Warzone players. Fans of the game hate the zombies outbreak in Verdansk.

Meanwhile, a Rebirth Island glitch has given free wall hacks, which totally breaks the game.

Also, the release date for Soap MacTavish in Warzone could have been revealed. Players have been asking for this fan-favorite character for ages.

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