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When Does Warzone & Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Start? Season 4 End Date

Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 5 is the next major update to the Call of Duty titles – but when does it start?

Could Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 5 be the best update yet? It’ll be hard to compete with what we got this season!

In Warzone Season 4, Raven Software finally gave the infamous Roze skin the nerf it deserved. It was also the update that finally let PS5 players reach 120 FPS after months of waiting.

Warzone Season 4 End Date
(Source: Activision)

And thanks to the new Warzone Red Door fast-travel system, there’s even a new way to hop around the map with ease. But all good seasons must come to an end, and Season 5 isn’t far away.

Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 5 Start Date

The official start date for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 5 is August 12, 2021.

This news comes from the latest Battle Pass, which is set to expire on the above date. We’re hoping that Season 5 is able to deliver a big new experience, as players are growing tired of the same old Warzone map.

We do know that more ’80s-inspired updates are coming to Verdansk soon, but Activision is keeping its secrets for the time being. We still hear rumors of The Terminator arriving in Warzone, which is something we’d love to see.

But it won’t even be long before we leave Verdansk for good! According to new reports, there’s a new WW2 Warzone map coming alongside Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Warzone Red Door
(Source: Activision)

In case you haven’t heard, Vanguard is the 2021 release for the franchise, and we’ll likely see it get a proper reveal in Season 5 itself. After all, Black Ops Cold War made its debut inside Warzone in August last year.

Rumors suggest that while Season 4 brought us the new Black Ops Cold War Zombies map – Mauer Der Toten – this may be our final expansion. After all, with Treyarch working on Vanguard already, plans for Cold War’s final Zombies map may be being ported over.

If this report is true, we’re sure there’ll be a lot of angry Black Ops Cold War fans out there! We’ll have to wait until at least Warzone and Cold War Season 5 to find out more, however!

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Darin Miller

Saturday 19th of June 2021

I think the stage buried is way better stage or Alcatraz those were bad ass Maps