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Warzone Black Market Run Contract Explained & All Rewards

The new Warzone Season 4 Black Market Run Contract will allow players to obtain some off-market loot to help them achieve victory over the competition.

Every new season, Warzone introduces new contracts, loot, and updates to Caldera to keep players on their toes. This season is no different.

The new Black Market Run Contract will bring a brand new Black Market Buy Station with valuable rewards.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new contract and all the rewards.

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Warzone Fortune's Keep

How to Complete Black Market Run Contract in Warzone Season 4 & All Rewards

Players will be able to access the exclusive Black Market Buy Station by completing the Black Market Run Contract found around Fortune’s Keep.

This new contract will launch on Fortune’s Keep and then make its way to the other maps later.

Once you find a Black Market Run Contract, you’ll need to quickly make your way to the Black Market Buy Station before the timer expires. Doing this will allow you to access an off-market shop with items otherwise unavailable elsewhere on the map.

You’ll be able to purchase the following items from a Black Market Buy Station:

  • Sequencer Grenade
  • Nebula V Minigun
  • Foresight Perk
  • Specialist Bonus
  • One of several classified weapons

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These items will not be available from regular Buy Stations, nor will they appear around the map as ground loot.

This contract will only be available in Fortune’s Keep, but it could come to other maps as Warzone rolls out its new map rotation with its weekly playlist changes.

And contracts and Fortune’s Keep aren’t the only new things coming to Warzone Season 4. Players will also be able to unlock the following four new weapons:

Once you have all these weapons you’ll be able to build new loadouts to take down enemies in Warzone Season 4.

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