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Warzone’s Biggest Glitches Will Be Fixed in Next Update

The next Warzone update will contain fixes for some of the biggest glitches ruining the game at the moment.

Warzone is full of glitches. Even when Raven tries to fix a glitch with an update, another one seems to appear straight away.

Luckily the developer is on the case and has scheduled a number of fixes. This should hopefully remove many of the problems that players have with Warzone at the moment.

Warzone Hitmarkers Fix

The main problem that Warzone players are having at the moment is the inconsistency with hitmarkers.

Players have been reporting issues with hit detection and hitmarkers since the 1.31 patch which fixed other annoying bugs.

The card on the Warzone Trello Board about this glitch has been marked as “fix scheduled” so this problem will luckily be addressed in the next update.

Click here to find out more about the hit detection issues in Warzone at the moment.

warzone gas ghost

Warzone Invisibility Glitch Fix

There has also been a problem regarding a Warzone skin that lets players be totally invisible at certain distances.

In one of the strangest Warzone glitches, a skin for the Grinch operator makes players totally invisible. This has been in the game for weeks now but still hasn’t been fixed.

Luckily, this glitch has also been labeled as “fix scheduled” on the Trello board so players can expect this to be resolved soon.

Find out more information on this “pay to win” invisible skin here.

Warzone Forest Spirit Invisible Skin

Bullet Tracer Fix

Bullet tracers have also been not working on certain weapon blueprints. The Turbo Powered blueprint for the Bullfrog is the example Raven gave, but they will be aiming to fix all of the glitched Warzone blueprints in the upcoming patch.

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Raven has not announced when they will drop the next Warzone patch. However, players can expect all the scheduled fixes to Warzone glitches to be in-game soon.

To stay updated with all of the upcoming Warzone glitch fixes, updates and more, visit the Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Trello Board.

Meanwhile, there is one huge issue on the Trello Board that Raven is still investigating. Warzone’s broken weapon attachments are still not working correctly, even if Raven knew about it weeks ago.

Cold War players have also been asking for fixes for glitches, rather than new content, but surely they wouldn’t mind both. With a new update coming soon, all of the Season 2 weapons have been leaked early.

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