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Warzone’s Best Trap Leads to Easy Kills on Unsuspecting Players

A group of Warzone trolls have shared their perfect trap to snare unsuspecting players for easy kills.

Warzone is gradually becoming something of a laughing stock.

It makes sense, frankly; players feel that Activision has left the game to rot. It's riddled with bugs and glitches, and their anti-cheat measures aren't nearly robust enough to make the game fair again.

The company keeps trying to quell the game's issues, but so far, nothing has made a significant change to Warzone's gameplay. Even the new settings update hasn't helped much.

Fairness is no longer a part of the game.

Warzone Trolls Lay Perfect Trap For Easy Kills
Call of Duty Warzone

In fact, there are so many glitches that a fan has made an "ultimate bug list", detailing more than 100 problems with Warzone's gameplay.

So, with such negligence, players have stopped taking the game all so seriously. Players don't put too much pressure on wins anymore, especially with the likelihood of dying to Warzone cheaters being higher than ever.

But, one group of Warzone players are taking it to another level, laying the perfect trap for unsuspecting players.

The Perfect Warzone Trap

In a video aptly titled "the trollest bait in Warzone", Reddit user bloodcorona shares their team's hilarious tactic to snag easy kills and loot from players.

The video begins with the player showing their hidden tactic for moving Warzone drops. They are moving backward while repeatedly alternating between UAV and Cluster Strike drops.

As they move, the dropped scorestreaks move backward with them, allowing them to "carry" scorestreaks elsewhere.

The video shows the player taking the scorestreak through a building and to an opening in a warehouse, where it'll be turned into bait.

Warzone Trolls Lay Perfect Trap For Easy Kills
Call of Duty Warzone

It cuts to reveal a huge collection of scorestreaks scattered all over the ground, laid in waiting for a player to come along and seek to scoop them up. There are so many it's almost comical and the collection must have taken a long time, but the payoff is worth it.

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The players hide in different locations in the warehouse. Some in the rafters, and some in the shroud of the corner's shadows. A player enters the building and is seemingly delighted by their choice of scorestreaks.

One of the players pings the scorestreak at the enemy's feet, indicating their time to strike. Flurries of bullets pour from every corner of the warehouse and downs them almost instantly. It's a hilarious tactic that pays off perfectly.

At least with all of the issues that bring Warzone down, some players can still find some fun in the game. Fingers crossed we'll see some change very soon.

However, some don't believe it'll happen soon; Faze's NICKMERCS thinks Warzone anti-cheat is impossible.

At least there could be some more variety coming to the game soon. Teases to a huge Warzone nuke event have been intriguing players.

A new dock discovered at the dam has implied big changes to Warzone's map, too.

Plus, there are rumors that a new "plague" mode could be coming to Warzone soon.

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