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Warzone’s Best LC10 SMG Loadout Is Overpowered in the Battle Royale

Yet another Cold War weapon is stealing the show in Warzone, as the LC10 SMG proves itself to be overpowered in-game.

Black Ops Cold War weaponry has been extremely powerful in the meta, ever since it was introduced in Warzone.

Despite technically being older variants of the Modern Warfare guns, Cold War weapons have been dominant in-game since their release in Season 1.

Now, as we head into Warzone Season 2, there’s a new Cold War weapon to watch out for. And some players think that the LC10 SMG could already be overpowered in Warzone’s battle royale.

lc10 warzone cold war season 2
(Source: Activision)

Is the LC10 SMG Overpowered in Warzone?

Since the launch of Season 2, players have been experimenting with the LC10 SMG, and many are coming to the conclusion that the gun is a little too powerful.

This includes major Warzone streamer NICKMERCS, who labels the LC10 SMG overpowered in a recent upload.

According to the Warzone pro, the LC10 SMG is an incredibly speedy gun to have on your side. It’s certain to shake up the Season 2 meta a bit, especially as the recent Warzone patch nerfs the game’s most OP gun.

warzone lc10 best loadout
(Source: Activision)

“It’s kinda got a MAC-10 feel,” claims NICKMERCS. “You shoot fast, you move fast… the only problem is the TTK man.”

The streamer does go on to say that the LC10, as strong as it is, probably won’t be a tournament pick. As it stands, the LC10 will probably lose up close to a MAC-10 or a FFAR.

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However, in the best LC10 loadout, you’ll certainly be competing with the big boys with ease.

Warzone Season 2’s Best LC10 SMG Loadout

NICKMERCS shows off his best LC10 loadout later in the video, and it’s clear from the gameplay that it’s something to behold.

Want to try out the LC10 loadout for yourself? Here’s what to run:

  • Muzzle: Flashguard.45 APC
  • Barrel: 12.5″ Extended
  • Stock: Wire Stock
  • Underbarrel: Foregrip
  • Ammunition: 42 Rnd Speed Mag

Check out the best LC10 SMG loadout in action, in NICKMERCS‘ latest upload below:

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