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Warzone Season 2 Best Guns Revealed By New Statistics

Warzone's best guns have been revealed via detailed statistics outlining which guns are the most popular and result in the best K/D ratio. Here is everything revealed by the new information.

If you are enjoying Warzone you may be interested to find out which guns are being used the most. A detailed analysis can reveal rather interesting results, or explain why you aren't performing as well as you should.

Now, new statistics have been revealed which show the best guns in Warzone at the moment. Take a look for yourself and see what you make of the information.

Call of Duty: Warzone - Season 2 Update

Warzone Season 2 has been off to an interesting start. There is a brand-new Shipwreck location complete with zombies to check out for starters. On top of this, there is also a leak regarding a Verdansk Destruction event coming soon.

Overall, it appears there are some exciting content updates due for Season 2. However, despite this, there are still some frustrations that players are experiencing.

To begin with, the new March 3 Update for Warzone has fixed the annoying Agency Suppressor bug. Sadly, many players believe that Warzone is not in a good state currently, amidst a rampant hacking problem and lots of bugs.

Warzone best guns
(Source: Activision)

However, those that are enjoying Season 2 may be interested to find out the best and most popular Warzone guns at the moment. You may want to take advantage and pick up a new weapon.

Here is how to get double weapon XP and exclusive items in Warzone too. If you do end up switching your loadout around, you'll be able to easily level them up too.

Warzone Best Guns Revealed By New Statistics

New statistics have emerged which show off Warzone's best guns. However, The results may or may not surprise you. The new statistics come courtesy of WZRanked, a Warzone statistics site.

As many players may be aware, with a game like Warzone balancing can be a major issue. For example, a secret Agency Suppressor buff has made the AUG extremely overpowered.

Poor communication from Treyarch on top of an abundance of glitches makes it hard to know which guns are currently the best. Furthermore, with new changes and updates, Warzone's best guns are subject to change.

However, there are many guns that do tend to be more popular than others. WZRanked's findings are rather revealing and show what players believe to be Warzone's best guns.

Warzone Guns
(Source: Activision)

JGOD has done the community a service in showing which weapons result in the best K/D ratio. Take a look below at the findings for the top five guns in order of best K/D ratio.

  • MAC 10 - 1.52 K/D
  • CR-56 AMAX - 1.49 K/D
  • FFAR 1 - 1.46 K/D
  • AUG - 1.41 K/D
  • Kar98k - 1.36 K/D

The results might be obvious, considering many players often opt for the MAC 10, FFAR 1, and AUG. The FFAR 1 especially has been regarded as one of Warzone's best guns.

The AUG is likely to shoot up in popularity considering Warzone players hate the new AUG overpowered meta. Check out exactly how overpowered it actually is.

WZRanked also shows us what guns are perhaps less popular as well. Further down the list, we can see the guns which steadily decrease in K/D ratio and popularity.

  • LC10 - 1.13 K/D
  • RAM 7 - 1.12 K/D
  • DMR 14 - 1.12 K/D
  • M16 - 1.08 K/D
  • Kilo 141 - 1.07 K/D
  • Grau 5.56 - 1.06 K/D
  • Streetsweeper - 1.05 K/D
  • M4A1 - 1 K/D
  • MP5 - 1 K/D

Interestingly, the statistics infer that the Streetsweeper, M4A1 and MP5 all result in a rather low K/D ratio. If you've been using these weapons in Warzone, it might be time for a change.

However, bear in mind that this information does not take into account the buffs and nerfs to specific weapon attachments in the latest update. For example, the Agency Suppressor buff that we mentioned earlier.

Finally, there are still many weapons that remain powerful with the right attachments. Here is our best M16 loadout in Warzone Season 2 attachment guide.

Call of Duty: Warzone - Season 2 Best Guns

Players may want to make a few changes after Warzone's best guns have been revealed. However, don't be scared to play your own way and enjoy using different weapons, you might be surprised

In other Warzone news, a leaked Warzone Plague game mode could feature zombies and a nuke. New data-mined information has revealed what could be coming to the game soon.

Furthermore, there are also some Warzone players who want fists removed from the Gulag. You can check out our post for more information on why this might be.

There is also another leak that suggests a crazy new Sandbox mode and Racing mode could be coming to Warzone. If you are feeling like a more casual experience in Warzone, this could be exactly what is coming.

If you want to take a look at WZRanked's analysis and statistics for yourself, you can check out the Tweet just below:

(Source: JGOD Twitter)

Likewise, we will continue to keep you updated regarding any new updates, patches, or developments for Call of Duty: Warzone. Stay tuned for more information.

Finally, Call of Duty 2021's reveal date may also have leaked ahead of its announcement, so you can look forward to more Call of Duty news both now and in the future too.

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