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Warzone Best Aim Assist Settings – Improve Your Accuracy

Find out the best Aim Assist settings for Warzone and get some insight on how it works.

Hitting your shots is integral to winning a game of Warzone. Luckily, Warzone does some of the work for you with Aim Assist.

Find out the best Aim Assist setting in Warzone to suit your play style.

Warzone Aim Assist Explained

Warzone has three different types of aim assist – Standard, Precision, and Focusing. Players can also disable their aim assist, but that’s not recommended as it can make the game a lot more difficult for you.

Aim assist works in two different ways. Firstly, it slows down your aim when you are near a target. Secondly, it can rotate your character so you are facing the enemy.

Warzone’s three different types of aim assist do these in slightly different ways, so you’ll want to pick the option that suits your playstyle.

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Warzone Season 2

Standard Aim Assist

Standard Aim Assist is the default option for Warzone players. It also happens to be the best for most players. This is because it favors players who want to stick to short-range gunfights or push buildings in Verdansk.

Standard Aim Assist slows aiming down in a large window surrounding an enemy player and it also rotates your character to face nearby enemies slightly when strafing. This makes it very powerful at close range.

Players using this setting will want to use a mobile gun with quick TTK. Check out the best FFAR loadout in Warzone Season 2.

Warzone sniper

Precision & Focusing Aim Assist

These two types of aim assist are best for Warzone players who prefer to keep their distance. This is because it allows for more accuracy, as the slowdown when aiming at enemies is much stronger.

For Precision, aiming slowdown only occurs when pointing directly at an enemy Meanwhile Focusing Aim Assist causes aiming to slow down when aiming at and very close to an enemy.

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However, neither of these settings causes rotating to face nearby enemies, which limits how effective these settings are at closer ranges.

Players with this setting might want to run a sniper or long-range assault rifle. These are some good loadouts that would work with Precision or Focusing Aim Assist:

Therefore, there is no ‘best’ Aim Assist setting in Warzone as different playstyles suit different settings. Aggressive players should choose Standard, whereas more conservative players should pick Precision or Focusing.

warzone ghost

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