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This Warzone Player Has Found a Way to Beat the DMR 14

One Warzone player beats the odds, with an incredible clip of them winning in a DMR 14-filled lobby.

If you're a Warzone player, you know just how difficult the game is to play at the moment. Thanks to the new DMR 14, time to kill has dropped dramatically.

Now, players are complaining that the overpowered DMR is ruining Warzone. Even after the DMR finally got nerfed in Warzone, it still reigns supreme in the battle royale.

Thankfully, NICKMERCS believes that another DMR 14 nerf is coming soon. But before then, one talented player is proving that you don't need to use the tactical rifle to compete.

Warzone Best Way to Beat DMR
(Source: Activision)

In a new clip of Warzone Trios, this player may have just found the best way to beat the DMR - without resorting to the new meta.

The Best Way to Beat the DMR 14 in Warzone

Posting to the Warzone subreddit, user NitroXIII shows off gameplay from their recent battle royale game. Making it down to the last few rings, NitroXIII is alone in a game with 16 other players.

Thankfully, they have their Kar98K, complete with a trusty thermal scope. As the user states in their post title "DMR can't hurt you if you snipe 'em first."

DMR is Overpowered in Warzone Right Now
(Source: Activision)

Although that's not strictly a true statement, this Kar98k gameplay does have us wondering. With most players running EOD rather than Cold Blooded lately, the user has no issue sniping over half of the remaining lobby.

What's more, the thermal scope is one of Warzone's no scope glint attachments, meaning that enemies can't see the player coming from a mile away. But when things get close-range, the user has a trick up their sleeve to deal with things.

A Replacement for the Mac-10 in Warzone?

Without resorting to the overpowered Dual Wield Diamattis that are running rampant in Warzone, NitroXIII proves that there's more than one way to beat enemies at close-range. And no, we're not talking about the Mac-10 either.

This player makes excellent use of cover as they dispatch enemies with the FFAR. This incredible fast-firing weapon is a great alternative to the game's broken meta right now, despite heavy recoil.

This isn't the best loadout in the game right now, but it's certainly got its advantages. We'd recommend it to anyone looking to take a break from an increasingly stale Warzone meta.

Recently, we learned that it's not just a new game update that's coming to the battle royale. In fact, leaks suggest that the new Warzone map isn't far away.

However, Activision needs to take steps to stop players from cheating in-game if they hope to keep their existing fans. Several professional gamers are even reportedly checking their lobby's SBMM in Warzone before playing tournament matches.

In fact, we've compiled a list of everything wrong with Warzone right now, in the hopes that Raven Software and Activision will take notice.

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