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Warzone Battle Pass XP Fix: How to Claim Missing XP and Free Rewards

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 players experiencing battle pass progression issues can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Activision has implemented a fix today and added some limited-time rewards to compensate players affected!

Recent Warzone issues have been frustrating the community and have led many to question the future of the battle royale.

But it seems that Activision has been listening and has implemented a fix to help players and reward them for their patience.

Here’s how to claim your missing XP and some free rewards for Warzone Pacific Season 2.

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Warzone Pacific Season 2 Battle Pass XP Fix And Limited-Time Rewards

Activision has fixed the Battle Pass XP issue and is providing players with some double-XP tokens to use whenever they’d like.

To obtain your missing XP, players must log in to Warzone before Chapter Three Season Two ends on April 27 at 10 AM PT.

This will reward players with any XP they have missed during the last few weeks. Players will also receive two Double-XP tokens that they can use in the current or future seasons of Warzone Pacific.

If you do happen to use them soon, we recommend leveling up one of the incredible sniper support weapons that Warzone offers.

This will ensure you can take down enemies from afar and defend yourself when the danger gets too close.


If you’re not too keen on the current guns, you can check out the new weapons coming in Warzone Season 3 that were recently leaked! There might be something there you want to invest your tokens in.

And if you haven’t been keeping up with Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific, you may have missed the recent teasers hinting at one of the most significant events in Warzone history.

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