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Warzone Battle of Verdansk Event Explained: How To Destroy The Train

Find out how to destroy the train in the new Battle of Verdansk event in Warzone. It’s not as simple as it looks!

The Battle of Verdansk event has finally arrived in Warzone and it is unlike any other Verdansk has ever seen.

While many players were underwhelmed with the long-awaited nuke that led to the Destruction of Verdansk event back at the end of Season 2, this is nothing like that.

The Battle of Verdansk tasks players with destroying a heavily armored train carriage. Only then will they be able to see the first Call of Duty Vanguard trailer.

But before you find out how to destroy the train, you’ll need to know how to play The Battle of Verdansk event in Warzone.

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How to Complete Warzone Battle of Verdansk

There were plenty of hidden in-game hints that pointed towards the armored train coming in the Battle of Verdansk. Then, the previously unstoppable train in Warzone crashed.

Now that the battle has begun, players will need to know exactly what to do to complete the event and get to see the Call of Duty Vanguard reveal trailer.

The Warzone Battle of Verdansk PvE event is split up into two parts. First, you need to take down the target, then you’ll have to exfil from Verdansk.

The target you need to take down is an armored train, but destroying it isn’t as easy as you think.

Warzone Battle of Verdansk Event

How To Destroy the Train

First, you need to use TNT to set an ambush for the train. Then, as the train approaches the ambush you will see a cutscene where the train approaches.

Every train car has a turret on it and it will shoot back at you, so make sure to use the RPGs you have equipped to take it down. You can also pick up additional weapon drops to get powerful weapons like a Minigun.

Once the train is almost destroyed, a number of Cluster Strikes will be called in. You’ll want to avoid those so you can keep up with the train and finish it off.

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Then, everyone will need to head to the exfil site and after a load of WW2 bombers fly above, carpet bombing Verdansk. From there, you will finally be shown the Call of Duty Vanguard reveal trailer.

And that’s everything you need to know about the Battle of Verdansk event in Warzone. This is probably the best Warzone event yet!

However, players can expect more There is also another event coming in Warzone Season 5 called ‘The Numbers’.

Meanwhile, Warzone players think that Season 5 is the worst update ever. But why?

Also, make sure to find out the best loadouts to use in Warzone Season 5. You’ll need these to be the last man standing in Verdansk.

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