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Warzone Dev Bans Half a Million Cheaters From the Battle Royale

Warzone cheaters are still running rampant in the battle royale, and the game’s developer has now banned half a million malicious users.

Call of Duty: Warzone’s cheater situation is one of the low points of the battle royale experience. Right now, Warzone is in a great place balance-wise, and players are enjoying Verdansk ’84’s new changes.

However, reports indicate that Warzone cheating is worse than ever in the game. And some users even report that cheaters appear to be present in almost every game they play.

Warzone Season 3
(Source: Activision)

But Warzone developer Raven Software isn’t being idle when it comes to fixing the issue. In a new update, the development team confirms that its new dedicated anti-cheating team is still banning malicious users.

Unfortunately, Warzone’s new anti-cheat appears to be banning innocent players too…

Warzone Bans Half a Million Cheaters

In a new update, Warzone developer Raven Software confirms that it has now banned a staggering half a million cheaters.

The team behind Warzone is clearly working on their promises to improve the battle royale’s anti-cheat. After all, players have been demanding improvements for almost a year now.

Raven Software announced its latest ban wave on Twitter, confirming that over 30,000 malicious accounts were banned yesterday alone. This takes Warzone’s total ban list to a whopping 505,000 users!

Just last month, Activision confirmed that it’s investing more resources in Warzone anti-cheat. Now, it looks as though, we’re seeing the fruits of its labor.

(Source: Activision)

However, it’s incredibly easy to simply make a new account and begin to cheat again when a user gets banned. The publisher needs to start either detecting foreign software affecting Warzone, or locking down IPs for cheating players.

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The issue is so bad that some Warzone streamers brag about using hacks on Twitch. And if it’s possible to get away with that, you know the issue is bad.

That said, yesterday we saw one popular streamer tweet at Activision to immediately get two cheaters banned. This shows more than anything that the company is willing to listen to players.

And with Battlefield’s trailer releasing very soon, we imagine we know why the publisher is stepping up its game. New images are leaking ahead of Battlefield’s official reveal, and fans are already going wild over Warzone’s number one competitor.

But with Warzone Season 3 introducing Rambo and John McClane, the game’s biggest crossover is about to arrive.

If you’re seeing a big spike in cheaters, you could be shadowbanned in Warzone!

(Source: Raven Software)

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