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Call of Duty Warzone Bans Continue As Infinity Ward Announces New Wave

Infinity Ward has announced a new wave of bans against cheaters. The number of players given a Call of Duty: Warzone ban has now reached dizzying heights.

In a Tweet earlier today, Infinity Ward revealed that they have banned over 200,000 COD Warzone players cheating since the game went live.

In another dramatic move, they are preparing to crack down on another 20,000 players as the COD: Warzone bans continue.

Why All The COD Warzone Bans?

Infinity Ward's bans aren’t limited to just COD: Warzone. According to a report from the Vice; Modern Warfare 2019’s cheats are now discoverable, as is anyone using them.

The cheat in question involves installing a piece of software called EngineOwning - for a modest fee. This then works in the background while users play online and use it to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

The developers have made efforts to stop this. Thousands of cheaters had their accounts deleted without warning as a result of these efforts.

Infinity Ward have said they have “Zero-tolerance for cheaters”, regardless of the game. They’ve also said that the Call of Duty: Warzone bans will continue for as long as cheating is reported.

These numbers suggest that Infinity Ward and Activision are serious about punishing cheaters. This means we should probably expect more Warzone bans in the coming months.

But until then, you can stay up to date with our Call of Duty coverage and read our recommended Warzone Season 6 weapon loadouts here!