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Warzone Ban Wave February 22 – Raven Removes More Cheaters

The latest Warzone ban wave is the third in February so far and will hopefully keep cheaters out of the game.

Warzone has had a cheating problem for some time now. Cheaters have been in Warzone ever since the game launched, but the problem recently got out of control.

This prompted the Warzone publisher and developer into action and the anti-cheat measures have been very encouraging since then. This latest ban wave is still only the beginning of anti-cheat measures in Warzone.

Third Warzone Ban Wave in February

Warzone developer Raven has announced that another ban wave has gone out. This is the third ban wave in February alone and continues the strong policy against cheaters.

Raven did not say how many accounts they banned in this latest wave. However, removing any amount of cheaters from the game is a step in the right direction.

On February 2nd, the first ban wave removed 60,000 cheaters from Warzone. Raven and Activision also released a statement showing their zero-tolerance policy on cheaters and announcing that they were working on improve anti-cheat software.

Warzone Squad

The ban waves made a noticeable impact immediately, however, cheaters quickly returned to Warzone. Players then claimed they were facing wallhackers almost every game again.

Therefore, it is important that Warzone developer Raven keeps on top of cheaters with regular ban waves until the anti-cheat is good enough to remove cheaters automatically. This is especially important for the longevity of the game, as Warzone is Activision’s top priority “for a long time”

Raven Software Twitter

Meanwhile, a new Warzone map leak has revealed that the end of Verdansk could be coming soon. This could happen during Season 2, as all of this new content will be coming to Warzone during Season 2 as well.

Let’s also hope that the latest ban wave removed Warzone cheaters using this new invisibility glitch.

Players can expect a 4th Warzone ban wave in February after Season 2 arrives too. This is because Activision and Raven will want the launch to be as smooth as possible for players.

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