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Huge Warzone Ban Wave Removes 30,000 More Hackers – April 12

Raven Software is stepping up their fight against Warzone hackers, with their biggest ban wave in months.

Hackers have been plaguing Warzone for what seems like forever now. Whether it’s aimbot, wallhacks, or even cheat software that unlocks every weapon, attachment, and camo in the game, Warzone has seen it all.

However, Warzone developer Raven Software is doing its absolute best to remove hackers from the game entirely.

warzone cheaters

Warzone April 12 Ban Wave

Raven has stepped up its efforts to remove cheaters from Warzone recently. It was only last week that they banned 15,000 hackers, but fans thought it was nowhere near enough.

Now, it has taken the ban waves to the next level, doubling the number of hackers banned.

Yesterday, Raven tweeted an update regarding their latest ban wave in Warzone.

30,000 more bans today

The fight against cheating in Warzone continues

Raven Software

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This is the biggest ban wave in Warzone ever came at the beginning of February, where Raven banned 60,000 cheaters. This is the biggest single ban wave since that date.

Alongside that initially huge ban wave, Raven promised that an improved Warzone anti-cheat system was in the works. However, players have seen nothing like that in the following couple of months.

Cheaters will always return no matter how many times Raven bans them. Therefore, it’s integral that Warzone gets a strong anti-cheat system sooner rather than later.

NICKMERCS thinks that it is already too late for anti-cheat in Warzone and says it’s ” not even possible”. Let’s hope that he is wrong.

Meanwhile, find out the best meta weapons in Warzone this month. Some of the inclusions might surprise you.

Also, unfortunately, the ban wave won’t prevent players from using no-glint snipers in Warzone. They are taking over Verdansk!

Finally, the zombies in Warzone could be headed to burger town, with the nuke event following soon after. This is looking like the end for Verdansk.

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