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Warzone’s Highest Earner Pretends to be Banned for YouTube Views

Warzone’s highest earner is pretending to be banned from the game on YouTube, in order to get a few more views on his videos.

When you’re a content creator for a game like Warzone, sometimes coming up with new video ideas can be hard. Especially in times like these, when there’s not a lot going on in the battle royale.

Despite zombies invading Verdansk in Warzone Season 2, the recent major update didn’t bring much to the table. However, big things are clearly on the way.

In fact, the first image of Warzone’s new map just leaked a few days ago. And that can only mean that we’re in store for a huge update in Season 3.

warzone aydan highest earner
(Source: Aydan / New York Subliners)

Before that though, Warzone fans are getting bored of waiting for content. And Warzone’s highest earner is clearly feeling the pressure.

Is Pro-Player Aydan Banned From Warzone?

Recently, Warzone streamer Aydan made history for dethroning HusKerrs as Warzone’s highest earner. Now, the YouTuber is pretending to be banned from Warzone completely, in an effort to score YouTube views.

In a recent upload, Aydan addresses his 1.22 million-strong audience and confesses to being banned in Warzone.

The streamer claims to have been using Wallhacks to see enemies anywhere on the map, regardless of cover.

“I just don’t really know what to do right now, with myself,” Aydan states to his viewers. “And I let – feel like I let everyone down… and I don’t really know how I can make it up to you guys.”

The YouTuber continues on to say that he’s going to take some time off and focus on himself. The 21-year-old streamer certainly echoes the words we’ve heard cheaters say a thousand times before.

No, Aydan Isn’t Banned From Warzone

But of course, Aydan isn’t really banned, and the user soon comes clean with fans. Turns out, the streamer just wanted to mess with viewers and score some extra views on both Twitter and YouTube.

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Warzone did recently have another major ban wave, taking down presumably thousands of cheating accounts. However, often a few innocent players get bans whenever Warzone tries to fix the hacking problem.

“I’ve never gone this hard with a clickbait, I’ve gotta have a little bit of fun – my impressions on Twitter were ‘thoomin’, I figured they’d be ‘thoomin’ here too.”

Aydan apologizes for baiting the video so hard but leaves viewers with footage from a game in which he dropped 22 kills in Warzone. Unfortunately, the user didn’t manage to take first place but perhaps he’ll be making a video soon to claim that he did.

Interestingly, new evidence suggests that Warzone streamers are able to get into easier lobbies with this method.

Wondering if you’ve played against a Warzone streamer in-game? There’s a new way to check that out for yourself!

And it looks like Warzone’s most overpowered gun will finally get a nerf in an upcoming patch. But that might only take us back to the least popular meta in recent Warzone history.

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