MW2 and Warzone Season 5 Reloaded is here, bringing back the Armored Royale mode! Here is what this is.

This mode first featured back in the original Warzone game, offering a new take on the Battle Royale experience, and is now returning.

If you do not know what this mode entails and how you can win, look no further as we dive into all the details on Armored Royale!

What Is Armored Royale in Warzone?

Armored Royale is a Battle Royale experience where instead of the first objective being surviving, it is protecting your MRAP Armored Truck.

As long as your MRAP is still usable and not destroyed, you can respawn upon death. After dying, the countdown to redeploying will be 20 seconds.

Additionally, teams will have the ability to upgrade their MRAP for better offensive and defensive features. This can be done at the back of the truck.

Players will also have to be wary of traveling to Gas Stations as these will be hotspots for players refueling or repairing their MRAP.

MRAP Vehicle in Warzone

How to Win in Armored Royale in Warzone

To win in Armored Royale, you must be the last surviving team. The best way to win is by protecting your MRAP and ensuring it is not destroyed.

This way, you will have the ability to redeploy throughout the match. If your truck gets destroyed, there will likely be an option to redeploy the truck from a Buy Station for around $6000.

If you purchase a redeployed truck, you must protect it like you did with your previous vehicle.

A loadout containing an LMG and a Launcher is an excellent strategy to win. The LMG will hold tons of ammo to spray at enemy vehicles. Meanwhile, the launcher will do lots of explosive damage.

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