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Warzone: Are Terminator Blueprints Viable in the Meta? – Guns & Attachments

The latest limited-time bundles bring the iconic Terminators, T-800 and T-1000 to Warzone, alongside some blueprints. But are the Terminator blueprints viable in the current Warzone meta?

Warzone’s latest collaboration brings the iconic Terminator models, T-800 and T-1000 to Warzone as Operators. And alongside them are a bunch of Terminator-inspired blueprints for players to get.

There’s a total of six blueprints, across two bundles to purchase.

But are the six weapons featured in the Terminator bundles worth buying, and are they viable in the current Warzone meta?

Terminator T-800 Mastercraft Ultra Operator – Blueprints Contents and Breakdown

First, we’re going to cover the blueprints in the Terminator T-800 Mastercraft Ultra Operator bundle.

Neural Net Processor

Warzone Neural Net Processor Terminator Blueprint

The Neural Net Processor is the highlight of the T-800 bundle. The blueprint features the Nikita AVT as the base weapon.

Here are the attachments for the Neural Net Processor:

  • Muzzle: Mercury Silencer
  • Barrel: Kovalevskaya 546mm Sniper
  • Optic: Slate Reflector
  • Stock: ZAC MS
  • Underbarrel: Carver Foregrip
  • Magazine: 7.62x54mmR 50 Round Mags
  • Ammunition: Hollow Point
  • Rear Grip: Polymer Grip
  • Perk: Brace
  • Perk 2: Fully Loaded

There are a couple of attachments you could change as you level up the weapon, by following our best Nikita AVT loadout for Warzone. However, this will change the appearance of the blueprint.

However, the Neural Net Processor has increased accuracy and damage, at the cost of some control and mobility. Despite this, it’s a solid weapon, and the design is pretty cool.

Coltan Alloy

Warzone Terminator Coltan Alloy Blueprint

The Coltan Alloy is a legendary blueprint of the Armaguerra 43. It’s one of two legendary blueprints in the T-800 bundle.

Here are the attachments for the Coltan Alloy:

  • Muzzle: F8 Stabilizer
  • Barrel: Perfetto Custom
  • Optic: MM Largo
  • Stock: Botti DA
  • Underbarrel: SMILE Pistol Grip
  • Magazine: 8mm 60 Round Mags
  • Ammunition: Lengthened
  • Rear Grip: Polymer Grip
  • Perk: Vital
  • Perk 2: Quick

While the Armaguerra 43 doesn’t have the best damage, it does offer a decent range and accuracy for an SMG. And the Coltan Alloy increases those stats further while losing some of its mobility.


Warzone Terminator Motorhead Blueprint

The Motorhead weapon is a legendary blueprint of the Gracey Auto shotgun in Vanguard.

Here are the attachments for the Motorhead blueprint:

  • Muzzle: G28 Compensator
  • Barrel: CGC 22″ Rapid
  • Optic: Mk. 3 Reflector
  • Stock: Removed Stock
  • Underbarrel: M1941 Hand Stop
  • Magazine: Extra Pellets
  • Ammunition: Packed Powder
  • Rear Grip: Fabric Grip
  • Perk: Gung-ho
  • Perk 2: Quick

The Motorhead blueprint has a great design. And while it’s not the strongest of the blueprints on offer here, the blueprint offers some increased range and fire rate over the base Gracey Auto. However, it loses some accuracy.

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Terminator T-1000 Ultra Operator Bundle – Blueprints Contents and Breakdown

Here are all of the blueprints that are included with the T-1000 Ultra Operator Bundle for Warzone.

Liquid Metal

Warzone Liquid Metal Terminator Blueprint

While all three of the blueprints featured in the T-1000 bundle are legendary, with no Ultra blueprints, it’s safe to say that Liquid Metal is one of the highlights.

It’s a legendary blueprint of the MP-40, and here are all of the attachments in the Liquid Metal blueprint:

  • Muzzle: Recoil Booster
  • Barrel: Krausnick 317mm 04B
  • Optic: Krausnick IS01M
  • Stock: Krausnick 33m Folding
  • Underbarrel: Mark VI Skeletal
  • Magazine: 8mm Kurz 40 Round Mags
  • Ammunition: Subsonic
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip
  • Perk: Unmarked
  • Perk 2: Quick

It’s a solid blueprint that makes an already great weapon stronger.

Persistent Mission

Warzone Persistent Mission Terminator Blueprint

The Persistent Mission is a legendary blueprint of the Bar assault rifle.

Here are all of the attachments in the Persistent Mission blueprint:

  • Muzzle: MX Silencer
  • Barrel: CGC 30″ XL
  • Optic: G16 2.5x
  • Stock: Pistol Grip Custom
  • Underbarrel: Carver Foregrip
  • Magazine: .50 BMG 60 Round Mag
  • Ammunition: FMJ Rounds
  • Rear Grip: Polymer Grip
  • Perk: Hardscope
  • Perk 2: Fully Loaded

Once again, the Persistent Mission is a solid blueprint and loadout for the BAR.

Identity Theft

Warzone Identity Theft Blueprint

Identity Theft is a legendary blueprint of the base LMG, the MG42. And here are all of the attachments in the Identity Theft blueprint:

  • Muzzle: F8 Stabilizer
  • Barrel: Krausnick 450mm B42MG
  • Optic: G16 2.5x
  • Stock: VDD Skeletal
  • Underbarrel: Mark VI Skeletal
  • Magazine: 13mm Anti-Material 125 Round Drums
  • Ammunition: Lengthened
  • Rear Grip: Leather Grip
  • Perk: Frenzy
  • Perk 2: On-Hand

Identity Theft is another solid loadout, for an all-around good weapon.

Are The Terminator Blueprints for Warzone Worth Buying?

The best blueprints in the bundles are the Liquid Threat and Coltan Alloy guns, both of which are typically high on Warzone tier lists.

Of course, the other weapons are still decent, but many won’t find a use for guns like the Gracey Auto in Warzone matches. These are likely better in Vanguard matches.

In reality, whether the Terminator blueprints are worth it to you or not depends on whether you like the Terminator franchise. If you’re a fan, they’re certainly worth picking up!

These are all of the blueprints available in the Terminator bundles for Warzone. It’s worth noting that they’re only around for a limited time, and they won’t be back, so make sure to buy them if you want them!

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