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Warzone Anti-Cheat Update & New Ban Wave For Hackers – March 16

Raven Software has given an update regarding Warzone's anti-cheat system and banned a load of cheaters who are ruining the game.

Cheating has been a huge problem in Warzone for a long time now. While publisher Activision and developer Raven Software have attempted to curb the cheating problems before, they always seem to resurface.

Now, Raven has given an update on the latest actions of the Warzone anti-cheat system.

Warzone Season 2

Warzone Anti-Cheat Update - March 2021

Players have been complaining that cheating is "worse than ever" in Warzone right now. So now was the perfect time for Raven to tweet about their latest anti-cheat update for Warzone.

Raven had previously confirmed that they were working to improve Warzone's anti-cheat software and banned 60,000 hackers alongside it. So this is the latest update to remove cheaters from the game.

In a new tweet from Raven Software titled 'Warzone anti-cheat update', Raven said:

"New banwave earlier today!

More to come..."

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A number of players have already revealed that they have been banned or shadowbanned, however, Raven did not give a number of how many. Hopefully, Raven didn't ban innocent players, like in Warzone's last ban wave.

However, this ban wave does bring up the question - can Warzone's anti-cheat update actually work this time? For instance, NICKMERCS thinks that Warzone anti-cheat is "not even possible" because the cheating problem has gotten so bad, but with "more to come", hopefully, Raven can slowly but surely remove all cheaters from the game.

Raven Software Twitter

Meanwhile, Warzone players have a lot to look forward to. A leaker has revealed the first image of the new Warzone map and it looks very different to anything we've seen before.

Also, fan-favorite character Soap MacTavish has been spotted in Warzone, but how are people playing as him? Let's just say this anti-cheat update may have banned a few of the Warzone players using him.

Finally, Activision's new teaser has revealed where the zombies on Warzone will head to next. This could lead to them taking over the whole map.

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