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Warzone Anti-Cheat “Not Even Possible”, Says NICKMERCS

NICKMERCS has given his opinion on the Warzone anti-cheat system in his latest video.

Cheating is a highly contentious issue in Warzone. It is widespread at the moment despite attempts from Activision and Raven to stop it.

In his latest video, popular streamer and YouTuber NICKMERCS shared his opinion on Warzone’s anti-cheat system again.


NICKMERCS on Warzone Anti-Cheat

NICKMERCS is a very vocal member of the Warzone community and always says what he thinks. He simply said that the situation regarding Warzone’s anti-cheat system is “not looking good” at the moment.

Many players would agree that cheaters are ruining the game at the moment. Find out what players are saying about the Warzone being broken and not fun any more.

Nick then elaborated: “Besides the lack of content and updates for the game cheating is one of the biggest problems for a long time now.”

NICKMERCS also believes that there is “no sign of an actual anti-cheat coming to Warzone”. This is despite Activision confirming that they are working to improve Warzone’s anti-cheat system.

Despite the negative message in the video, Nick still remains optimistic. He hopes that Activision can invest in their game to make, develop or buy an anti-cheat.

warzone plunder

NICKMERCS Says Cheaters Ruin Warzone Tournaments

Nick also revealed why he still avoids competitive Warzone.

NICKMERCS has previously announced why he doesn’t compete in Warzone tournaments any more and his view is no different now. He said that cheating was also rampant in the $100,000 Toronto Ultra tournament.

This is the same tournament that Dr Disrespect was banned from before it had even started.

Therefore, he said that he won’t compete until there is a good anti-cheat system in Warzone.


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