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Warzone AMAX Needs Another Nerf in Season 3 Reloaded

The AMAX is one of Warzone’s most powerful guns and, two adjustments later, the assault rifle might need one final nerf.

When it comes to Warzone’s best loadouts in Season 3 Reloaded, the AMAX is at the top of everyone’s list. In terms of sheer power, range, and maneuverability, the assault rifle has everything else beat.

That’s why Raven Software did its best to nerf the AMAX at the start of the month. Then, the Warzone developer nerfed the AMAX a second time in the recent May 27 update.

(Source: Activision)

But this might not be enough to take the popular weapon out of the top spot in the battle royale.

If you’re missing your shots in Warzone right now, turn this setting OFF! There’s a huge issue with Warzone accuracy that’s affecting particular battle royale fans.

Warzone CR-56 AMAX – Still Overpowered After Two Nerfs?

Is Warzone’s AMAX still overpowered after not one but two nerfs in the battle royale? It seems that some players certainly believe so.

Right now, we’re finally enjoying a reasonably-balanced Season 3 meta in Warzone. And with the AMAX’s second nerf decreasing its headshot multiplier damage significantly, the weapon is in a beta place in that meta.

Raven Software’s aim was to slowly raise the Time to Kill, and it’s done that job nicely. No longer is the CR-56 AMAX the “undisputed king of long-range automatic weapons”.

As the developer hoped, more loadout variants are emerging in the meta. But NICKMERCS doesn’t believe the AMAX is done for just yet.

“Now if I had to give you my honest opinion, after that nerf people are still out there using it man,” NICKMERCS states in a recent upload. “The AMAX, I feel like it’s always gonna be a thing. Until they really really nerf it, it’s just kinda gonna be a gun that’s hard to ignore.”


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The Twitch and YouTube star goes on to state that Raven Software would need to hit the damage and mobility hard to have a chance of nerfing the AMAX sufficiently. Otherwise, players will always be running around using an AMAX in Warzone – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Right now, a lot more weapons are becoming viable in Warzone, and the AMAX’s popularity isn’t due to the gun being overpowered.

If you want to try the gun for yourself though, we’ve got the best AMAX loadout in Warzone Season 3 right here!

One thing that also got a big change recently were certain Warzone optics. Make sure you’re adjusting your loadouts after these major scope buffs in Warzone.

But there’s one feature that players are still wanting adjustments to. After all, Warzone fans are demanding a huge ground loot change in the game’s next update.

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